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Jacksonville, NC
Students enrolled: 236

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3980 Gum Branch Road
Jacksonville, NC 28540

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March 14, 2015
My child unfortunately attended this school for a few years. There is an absolute atmosphere of bulling that is not only tolerated, but is promoted by the staff. There are way way to many family members working at the school to ever get any type of objective response to concerns. Teacher retention is very very poor---here today---gone tomorrow.

- submitted by a parent
January 11, 2013
PLEASE do yourself a favor and run far far away from this school. This school is privately owned so if you have an issue with anything you will be first dealing with the principle 2nd the pastor who is married to the principal and then 3rd the assistant pastor who is the son of the principle and pastor so needless to say it is already 3 against 1 before you walk into the door. Also check their drop off and pick up policy, you are issued a little blue card with all the information someone need to walk right into the school and take your child at any time. The school isn t liable because the blue pickup cards are the parent s responsibility. Let s just hope nobody steals your car, purse, or wallet where that special little blue card is. Private school is generally great but for some reason this school just can t quite make the cut in my eyes to be a school or have responsibility of children in my eyes.

- submitted by a parent
September 06, 2012
LWCS is a wonderful school. My kids have been attending for many years! This is where they will graduate! The school is growing and with every year they add more extracurricular activities and class options for their high schoolers. The negative reviews are somewhat flacky and lack any solid backing. I admit there have been times that I have not been happy with a decision, but their decisions line up with Biblical principle and for that I accept the correction/decision and go on. The teachers are wonderful and the office staff very kind and friendly. I started out sending them there because it was cheap daycare. But the values and love they receive kept us coming back! Hope to see you in the halls!

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2012
I am very surprised by the recent negative reviews on here. I have found this school to be wonderful for the past 2 years! All of the staff are very friendly and genuinely care about the students. They know all the students by name and teach Christian values in a loving way. The academics are challenging for some but the teachers work well with students individually if that extra attention is needed. I have never experienced anything bad with the principal, she has been nothing but friendly and kind to the parents, staff and students. I agree that drop off and pick up is very busy and not done in the best fashion, but it is not the schools fault at all. They have tried to make the changes needed but have had trouble getting the required permits. The cost of tuition is a steal for the wonderful academics and such a morally founded christian education that the children are given. We are moving next year and I am very saddened that my son won't be attending anymore.

- submitted by a parent
August 26, 2011
It may be hard to believe all the negative reviews are true, but i went to the school for one year. In that year i was provided a modest education presented to me by pace work and teachers. Aside from the academics all of what has been said about the administration is true. When your a good student and you gifted, like i was, your treated considerably better. This made me extremely mad because it also curved the discipline and allowed some students to get away with what should expel you while others got in trouble for seemingly no reason. As a christian school the only one who seems to try and fit the bible into all aspects of their life is the youth pastor of the church!

- submitted by a community member
August 16, 2011
Our daughter is now entering her 3rd year at LWCS. Yes, pick up and drop off times are a bit chaotic. I don't hold the school accountable for this. They have made their plea with the parents for alternate routing, DOT and Jax PD to make those times of day more fluid. Parents, against their good judgement, accelerate senselessly in the parking lot. I send my child to this school because walking around campus their belief in Jesus as Lord is written on virtually every wall. The teachers pray over the children. Every week chapel is held where songs of praise. Every day the Pledge of Allegiance, Pledge to Christian Flag and to the Bible are recited. Children are taught from the Bible each day. The dress code is simple and has an excellent progression of uniform priveleges gained with higher grade levels (diferent options introduced as kids move up in grade). Teachers are extraordinarily patient with boisterous kids. the leadership has a great vision for the growth of the school.

- submitted by a parent
July 24, 2011
This is not a christian school strictly a private school. It is a business with no real consistency. My children went to this school for 3 years and it was enough. It is a business. Drink the koolaid and you will be fine.

- submitted by a parent
July 18, 2011
Better than the public schools. But has lots of odd rules or odd ways. Pick up is very inconvenient for a parent with a small child or baby. Dress code is a wee bit too strict.

- submitted by a parent
November 30, 2010
I have known students, teachers and staff at this school since 1993. My own daughter has attended this school for 8 years and I am completely satisfied. Yes the school charges you for consumables and other needs, but those costs are spelled out up front and in writing before you enter into a contract. If you choose not to read it that isn't the schools fault. The Principal of the school has many years of teaching and administrative experience and it shows in how problems are addressed. It's obvious to me that their primary concern is providing a quality education in a Christian environment. I have never in 17 years of experience with the Principal known of any instance where she has been hypocritical in any manner. On the contrary, in my opinion she is both humble and gentle. Those qualities shouldn't be confused with her being a pushover or not holding students or parents accountable to standards.

- submitted by a parent
November 20, 2009
This our first year at LWCS. We are beyond happy with not only the level of education our child is receiving, but the warm and encouraging Christian environment in which these fine educators provide. Our daughter has been a good student but the positive turn-around in her attitude toward school is beyond words.

- submitted by a parent
November 19, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
October 09, 2009
My daughter has attending LWCS for 8 years and has received a superior, Christian education. I am very pleased with the administration, faculty, and staff of this school. I'm so thankful to have a Christ centered school that still excels in academics. Since we have retired in Jacksonville, my daughter will be attending here until her graduation.

- submitted by a parent
no rating August 20, 2009
My kids have been going to LWCS since they were in K4 and we love it--8 year and counting. I would like to address the statement by one parent about this school being 'a family operated business'. Actually this is a family CALLED to the ministry of the kids of Jacksonville. They were called and asked by the Lord to do this, so why is this such a big deal to this parent. I definetly would rather have a family that is called then a family who started a school for a profit.

- submitted by a parent
May 31, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
February 24, 2009
You have to be very careful reading reviews and basing your opinion based upon what you read. I have been a part of this school for years and will continue to be a part until my husband is deployed or my children graduate. The Koebbe's have dedicated their lives to educating the children of Onslow County. They are far from perfect and know they have areas of their lives to work on...who doesn't. It all comes down to having a Christian heart and doing what is Biblical...if you have a problem with someone you go to them and them alone, not posting a review bashing people. All I can say this, every year LWCS keeps growing by 15-20% and adding new things, clubs, athletics and buildings. GO WARRIORS

- submitted by a parent
January 08, 2009
I have to agree with this last post. This school seems to be a family operated business. Yes, they do use Christian texts and attend chapel. Most of the teachers are great. However, the administration seems to have volatile tempers, are moody and quite frankly, that behavior confuses my children because they are to be the supreme examples at the school for Christian love and patience. They do all of this under the pretense of excellence but the correct term is ' control'. Do what I say, when I say or you are not godly. Very sad! Notice the decline in parent satisfaction over the last year. Pray for this school and other Christian schools around the nation. Jacksonville needs a strong Christian school and this could be the 'IT' school if the principal will assume a spirit of humility which I have yet to see.

- submitted by a parent
November 26, 2008
I have had my children in this school for 8 years but they will not be attending again next year. All in all the teachers are caring and competent the administration is completely opposite. The children have become a paycheck to them. They have become cashiers at the expense of their 'Christian' beliefs. The principal is more concerned about the amount of children enrolled in her school and it is apparent by the decline in parent satisfaction. If it was possible to give them zero stars I would.

- submitted by a parent
October 17, 2008
I have been a parent at LWCS for 5 years now and have been extemely pleased with the education my child has received and will continue to receive. I have read some of the reviews about the principal and the administration of the school and I would have to disagree. On a few occassions, I have had to sit in the principals office over a conflict with my child and not once did they make a decision that was not an already established policy or procedure. I am excited about the development of the High School, the after-school clubs ranging from Sign Language, Newspaper & Drama Clubs and the continued growth of the Athletic Department.

- submitted by a parent
August 22, 2008
I felt that when entering the school it gives off a very comfy feeling, but once you are in and hear what goes on that is another story. The teachers as a whole are great, but can be very hypocritical. I have over heard them talking negatively about students which is not right. The principal lacks charm and patience with the students especially those in the younger grades. She is hypocritical and goes back on her word which I have found to be the case more than one time in the few short days my child has been attending! Please think twice about sending your child to this school. It is not what you think it is!

- submitted by a parent
August 14, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
August 06, 2008
Awesome school! caring faculty and staff! looking forward to continuing my children and grandchildren's education there. Good wholesome christian atmosphere

- submitted by a parent
July 07, 2008
Our daughter attended LWCS from K-5 throughcompletion of her senior year. We love this school and staff. Our daughter received a terrific education but even more importantly a very strong christian foundation.

- submitted by a parent
March 28, 2008
The school and curriculum is excellent from K4 on. The teachers are very dedicated to the students. Unfortunately, I have to agree with an earlier post about the principal being very hypocritical and judgemental. If you make suggestions for possible changes, be wary of 'I have been doing this for 20 years' speech. In several parent/teacher conferences she labeled my child with her own 'diagnosis'.

- submitted by a parent
January 30, 2008
lwcs is a great school,my daughter loves it an she has the best teacher in the world{mrs bignell].

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2007
LWCS is by far the best and most accepting Christian school in the area. I attended LWCS through 8th grade, and only left because they did not have a high school at the time. The quality of education is extremely high, and in public high school I was not challanged with much new information until my Junior year. With the addition of a high school program, a new building, and boys and girls soccer (and soon basketball), LWCS is a growing school that will prepare your child for their future.

- submitted by a former student
no rating August 17, 2007
This school is not 'it'. They charge you for everything, if your child is gifted and talented, they treat you better, but there is no real scholastic challenge.

- submitted by a parent
August 17, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
June 20, 2007
For the parents new to the area, or those just looking to switch...This is the 'IT' school in Jacksonville. There are a few other schools in the area that 'try' to compete, but they don't have the full package that LWCS does. The teachers and staff are high quality, the academics are great, and the parents were surprisingly normal. I say that because I was expecting a lot of stuck up attitudes, and I couldn't have been more wrong. The price may seem steep, but it is no doubt 100% worth it. The kids learn at an accelerated rate and have a blast while doing it. If you want the best, go with LWCS!

- submitted by a parent
May 19, 2007
My son has attended this school for six years and I couldn't be happier about the Christian education he's received there. However, the pricipal is very hypocritical and unfair to children that are not in her little social clique, and 'bends the rules' for those who are. Because of her, my son will not be returning to this school next year.

- submitted by a parent
September 30, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
April 26, 2006
We have only been in LWCS for approximately one month, and I could not be happier with everything. We only wish we had made this move much, much sooner. If you are looking for a good christian-based education for your child, this is the place to be. Even though we are new to this school, it doesn't take one very long to see the expressions of love and concern displayed each day for the children. We will be anxiously awaiting the begining of the next school year!

- submitted by a parent
March 17, 2006
We have truly found the finest school in the area with LWCS. Each of our three children, ages 3, 10 and 11, receive the support they need to grow both academically and spiritually. As a teacher, I appreciate the structure and high expectations to be found here. There is also a true sense of community among the children. The administration and teachers show unwavering dedication to academics and Biblical principles in all that they do.

- submitted by a parent
March 12, 2006
Living Water Christian School provides a good, Christian based education. Our son is in the 6th grade and has really enjoyed the small class size and attention he receives. He switches between two teachers, each one teaching different subjects. Both teachers teach both 5th and 6th grade subjects. There are approximately 33 kids in the 5th and 6th grades. The school is very good at keeping the Christian principles in all the subjects, not just Bible class. He has really enjoyed the school year. The curriculum follows the NC state standards and for the most part also follows the public school calendar. They do get out of school for summer break about 2 weeks earlier than public school. They started about one week earlier than public school.

- submitted by a parent
May 03, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
December 10, 2004
LWCS has an outstanding staff. They are all very loving to the students and genuinely love the Lord. We have been very impressed with the curriculum which up until 5th grade is strictly Abeka, 6th grade is mainly Abeka but also some Bob Jones and Saxon Math. The 7-12th graders are using ACE at the moment. Piano lessons are offered during school hours, the classrooms are fairly small and they combine some classes for recess (break for older children) which is nice. I am a big advocate of children socializing with all ages, not just kids their own age. The principal is very aware of everything going on in the school and assists every teacher if there is a problem. Parents are encouraged to help out in the classroom. We have been very happy with it and will keep all our children there until we leave Jacksonville!

- submitted by a parent

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