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Students enrolled: 1,925
Before care: No
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505 South Bethel Road
Raeford, NC 28376

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(910) 875-2156
(910) 904-1644
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May 25, 2015
I am a sophomore and were about to move. All I have to say is HALLELUJAH! Do not bring your child here! For starters, the guidance counselors are terrible. High schoolers HAVE drama and they have the nerve to say they don't help kids with drama, so they're pretty much useless. Do you care about your child? Well when there is drama at this school, it causes fights. When people get into fights here, they get sent to jail. So who's supposed to help the children with the drama if the guidance counselors say they dont deal with it. Then the assistant principals, I don't see how they think they are over the actual principal, who is actually one of the only decent administrators at the school. For sports, okay so some of them care about grades, but then there are some who don't seem to look at the rule saying you can't have anyone under a 2.5 GPA on the team because I have seen some people on teams with under 2.0's play. Then the saddest of all, the academics. I have never seen such lazy teachers in my whole life, instead of teaching, they'll show you a video, hand you a worksheet and class is over so you can just use your electronics for the next 45 minutes. Also, I don't see why its necessary to have only 4 classes each semester for 90 minutes, if you talk to a professional, the teenage mind cannot pay attention to one thing for 90 straight minutes. I have a whole lot of reasons this school is not good for other reasons too. Let's say we're at lunch, the fast food restaurants are across the street so for those with cars, they can just easily leave off campus. The assistant principals are in charge of not letting them leave but they obviously dont care. Lets talk about dress code, i understand the rules but it should apply to EVERYONE! If somebody with a kind of short skirt gets sent to ISS, a girl with an even shorter skirt should be sent as well. Its called being fair. Now, here's where things get gross, I have never EVER been in a school that's infested with roaches and mice. There are enough janitors, why is the school so dirty. I've seen wasp nests. When I go to practice, people get stung all the time due to all the wasps. I just really do not recommend this school for anyone who can breath air. You can try to go to Jack Britt High or even home school or online school, just don't come here. You will regret it.

- submitted by a student

February 24, 2015
I am currently a sophomore at Hoke County High School. Although the school is very over-populated, I feel that anyone can still get a proper education. Many people look at the negative aspects of our school, but in order to understand what really goes on, you need to experience high school in the conditions that we learn in on a day-to-day basis. Aside from that, there are many excellent extra-curricular activities for everyone to participate in. One of the most well-known activities on campus is the marching band (which I am apart of).

- submitted by a student

August 09, 2013
I am a Student at HCHS, I will be a Sophomore when we go Back to school. But, Yes this school is overly populated. I agree with that . They do need to build another high school for Hoke County. It's been up forever. Parents always talking about their kids can't learn because of other people at the school, if you have taught your child to ignore people and know when to be serious about learning , there would be no Problem . And for the parent that called the Sanitation Dept., why you would you do that. Now they could close our school down and then where will we get out education at? I care about my education!! So that was wrong, your child doesn't have to eat in the cafeteria. Tell them to wait until they get home.

- submitted by a community member

August 08, 2013
I got married and my fiance had a house in Hoke County. I was really frustrated that I had to move my kids to Hoke HS. Yes!!! there is problems in this school and some other schools also have problems, trust me my kids attended one of the "best" high schools in the other county. I dont really love the school but so far the experience is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Both my kids are in sport now and they both are taking Honors, AP and Community college classes. I am really happy with their counselor. Sadly some student dont care for their future and they dont put the effort and ruin the class for the ones that care but that is every where. I encourage my kids everyday to look forward and move on because once they get to college they are going to encouter other problems too. I teach them that life is not perfect and no school or college is perfect but you can do the best you can with what you have. They make their own path not the school or other student. They are resposible for their future I just can give them the tools, support and the advice the rest is on them.

- submitted by a parent

August 05, 2013
We came to Hoke County when the military brought us here. I cannot believe the conditions of Hoke County High School. Everyday I wish my child did not attend this school. It seems like no one takes the time to care from the teachers up to the administrators. This school is WAY over populated and incidents involving students is over the top. I know my child cannot get a great education there and it's frustrating to know you can't do anything about it. Most times you can't even get the school to listen to you at all let alone care! I would never, NEVER recommend this high school to any military families moving to this area. I feel sorry for the families who are from Hoke county and have no other school options for any of there children here! I feel so strong about this that I hope my child does not have to spend her senior year there, I hope we have orders.

- submitted by a parent

July 31, 2013
Hoke County need to concern a new high school instead of building elementary schools and another middle school. . Hoke County school system need to make sure that sanitation regulations are followed and inspections are done more often. My daughter and her friends complainted so much about roaches abd , rat droppings, in the classrooms, bathrooms and cafeterias that i called the Sanitation Department to go out to investiage. ? . You have to have relatives working at the school or friends to get picked for most sports. Some of the coaches don't look at the talent of some students. I wish I could afford to put my child in private school. I do not think that our students show have to study black history for a month. I think if the school systems are going to require recognizing and studying one race all races should be required. Yes, there is a Native American month but how much history does the students study on Native Americans and when are there a white history month. Be fair for all races. This school needs alot of improvement. Where does the school taxes pay for?

- submitted by a parent

April 14, 2013
My kid has been in many different schools around the world because of my service to this Country. I have never seen a school this disorganized. They wait until the middle of the school year to inform you of the total school fees. Trust me, the $45 posted on their Home page is no where near the actual fee total you will spend for a Senior attending this school. In any other school, these fees would be collected at the beginning of the school year, with all medical, parental permission slips, etc... filled out prior to attending. This school waits and continually nickel and dimes a family to death! Also, the sample school work sent home by one of the teachers has poor grammar and numerous spelling errors, such as the word "was" spelled "wuz". If the teachers do not know proper grammar and spelling, then how can they grade their students? Granted, since I have not dealt personally with every teacher in this school, then maybe some are okay. The ones I have dealt with, I am far from pleased with. Now I know why our Country is falling behind worldwide in education. My advice, if you have a choice of home school or Hoke High School, would be to home school.

- submitted by a parent

February 18, 2013
I loooooooooove this school. Hoke county is up and coming and I recommend that anyone choose to buy or rent in this area. This school has improved so much over time! Kudos to the principal, teachers, and staff! I am so happy with living here and this wonderful community! What a blessing that I live here!

- submitted by a parent

October 25, 2011
My son just graduated from this school and I could not have been happier. yes, there are problems on this school just like on every other school as well. There are good teachers and then there are not so good ones. My concern is more the age of this building, possible mold etc setting in but not confirmed. And Hoke county's concern of making sure they keep building more subdivisions but not new schools concerns me. Other than that it is not too bad.

- submitted by a parent

September 01, 2011
I had 3 graduate from here. I wanted to be out of this county by now, but my youngest is now a Hoke High Freshman. The 3 that have graduated told me to get out before the youngest starts High School. If the older siblings are telling us to get out, what does that tell you? Principal Hagen made some very important changes for the better, but was also one to placate parents and tell them what they wanted to hear and do something entirely different. Hoping for the best with the new Principal we have this year. Hoke County NEEDS another High School due to the population now but Hoke High needs more clubs and organization for the students which in turn will create more pride in their school and themselves. Some of the teachers are just horrible, but others are not only teachers, but friends to the kids, which is what they need. Too many of the teachers here have God complex and treat the pupils like children of a lesser God. Whoever leads the yearbook staff has no business being a teacher. One look at it and you'd think it was done by a 6th grader. Over the top PDA is a serious problem but the dangerous aspect has improved over the past few years. We still want out of this county.

- submitted by a parent

January 17, 2011
i went to this school for two months before i felt i had no choice but to leave... it was my third high school and by far one of my least favorites... i had 2 permanent substitutes (one in english 4, the other my spanish 2 elective), unfullfilled promises of multi-credit elegibility and countless hours of watching tv (thats all the work that was left to the subs)... though my experiance at the school overall was horrid... i can say a few positive things also: the teacher i did have were great, and i met a few great friends as well.

- submitted by a student

August 21, 2010
I son attends Hoke High and he has had a great experience so far. He has great teachers, great grades, after school activities and different clubs. The overall test results have increased tremendously making this high school one of the best of the Cape Fear Region. I am proud of the Mighty Bucks!!!

- submitted by a parent

April 23, 2010
Great school, teahers are serious about providing quality school work and dedication for all students. Kepp up the good work 'Mighty Bucks'.

- submitted by a parent

January 29, 2010
its a good school, though its not that clean. there is many extra curcular activitys.

- submitted by a student
no rating
December 09, 2009
I am a student at Hoke County High school and i believe that even though we have issues, along with all other schools, i strongly believe that we are a great school. Our students do try and we have many teachers who try and support the students as much as possible. I think Hoke County High School is a wonderful school.

- submitted by a student
no rating
January 13, 2009
After having dealt with this school for 5 years,why hasn't it been shut down?The campus is depressing and the faculty and staff always seem to be overwhelmed.I feel that the quality of education here is at it's lowest-look at the amount of mistakes in the last few yearbooks! I could go on and on but I've gotten almost nowhere in five years. I just hope I can sell my home and move before my youngest child has to go there.To fix all that's wrong with this school would take more money than the state is willing to put into such a poor economic county. Since this is the only high school in the county, could we please have a litttle of that Lottery money? Last time I looked Hoke County was still in NC.

- submitted by a parent

November 12, 2008
They worry more about punishing students, vs. giving an actual education. They are also at fault by deducting critical courses of study falling under the AP Class categories simply because 'they're aren't enough smart people to take the classes'

- submitted by a student

September 19, 2008
The successes of Hoke County High School are often overlooked in light of our areas where we still need improvement. We have a strong administration team who is dedicated to seeing our children succeed. We also have a teaching staff that is increasingly becoming more and more committed to challenging the status quo and giving our students our very best. Lastly, the school has seen tremendous growth in our test scores in the past couple years, which I believe can be attributed to nothing less than collective efficacy and hard work!

- submitted by a teacher

August 19, 2008
man this school is great!! the teachers are caring and they make sure you learn. Its all about taking inshetive

- submitted by a student

March 31, 2008
This is the most unorganized school system I have ever seen...ever heard of....taking my children out as soon as possible.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
December 26, 2007
I am a parent of a freshamn, and this is our first year ever being in a public school. We are coming from a Christian school in a nearby city, and let me tell you, we are very pleased. So far, all our teachers are outstadning, but Principal Hagen made it clear that all problems should be reported, and he would review them.

- submitted by a parent

October 25, 2007
We're a real good school if you read between the lines all we need is more teachers and not so many subs. Thanks to my prinipal Mr. Hagen he made a 360 around the schools more kids are doing better at school that we finally have a principal that really does show he care about us.

- submitted by a student

July 18, 2007
They need better teachers and more activtys for us 2 partake in

- submitted by a student
no rating
July 09, 2007
I am a freshman going on sophomore at Hoke County High School. I moved here a year ago and started my freshman year there. I must say that this school is terrible and it's very unfortunate that its the only school available in the county. My parents are trying to see if I can get into a school in a different county. This school only has few good teachers the rest are just fillers and don't care what goes on in the classroom as long as they recieve a paycheck. The school boasts about accomplishments but they exaggerate. I feel very unsafe going to school each day and dislike it because I do not get a proper education. It's unfair to students. Even the food is horrible. This school needs help.

- submitted by a student

June 12, 2007
I have two entering juniors and one beginning freshman. I am not looking forward to another year at Hoke County High School. My children express angst and disgust with going to school and are afraid to report incidents for 'fear of being jumped'. On a positive note, I have spoken with Principal Hagen on numerous occasions and he is overall a very pleasant gentleman with a plausible vision for the next 5 years. Principal Hagen is a man I could see making the changes that need made with this school and setting an example for the county. Families moving into this area are not going to tolerate the 'norm' and a season of change is on its way. It's just a matter of who can wait it out.

- submitted by a parent

April 22, 2007
This school doesn't teach the very well as it can be seen in the test scores. The teachers that are good are few and far as they typically move to surrounding counties.

- submitted by a parent
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Hoke County High School is a large, multi-cultural, diverse environment offering students rigorous academic opportunities in core and elective offerings. Students have a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, sports, fine arts, and community service options. Tutoring and online resources are available daily as well as the opportunity to bring hand held devices and use the school's wireless internet for instructional and research efforts.

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Hoke County High
505 South Bethel Road, Raeford, NC  28376
(910) 875-2156
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