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Relocated need Help.... Trying to decide between two areas. School is most important and safety. We are planning on private...


Momluv August 9, 2011

Private school options- move to Cary or North Raleigh- relocated from Ca.

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tckirby05 September 5, 2011

Hey! Welcome to North Carolina! I have lived here since I was 9 and now I have a 4 1/2 year old and a 2 year old. : ) I don't know much about the private schools, sorry, but I do know that there are TONS to choose from so you'll have to do your research. I think that North Raleigh and Cary are the best areas to live in the Triangle but I think that Cary is the best place to live overall. The only problem is that it is really pricey, I heard their taxes are outrageous! I can also tell you that Cary has some of the best public schools in the entire triangle too, if you would like to consider them that is. I really think you would be most happy choosing Cary! : )


TLightRob May 22, 2012

Northwest Raleigh has lots of great schools. My daughter attends the Franciscan School and its a National Blue Ribbon of Excellence School. In NW Raleigh you are close to the airport, Durham, I-540, MId-town, etc... Cary is also nice but not as many private schools there.

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