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Columbus, OH
Students enrolled: 821
Before care: No
After care: No

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4212 Karl Road
Columbus, OH 43224

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(614) 267-7809
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April 07, 2014
A school I am proud to send my children to and support financially. A dedicated leadership team and teaching staff that has many alumni of St. Francis DeSales among them. Excellent college prep, honors and AP courses are offered. Science and Math curriculum/course offerings allow students with interest and goals in the fields to double up on these critical subjects. The school offers sports, clubs and activities that offer a wealth of experience and any individual can find a niche to be a part of the communitiy.

- submitted by a parent

January 30, 2014
St. Francis DeSales HS is not only one of the best schools in Central Ohio, it is one of the best schools in the state. It is rooted in the Catholic Tradition providing opportunities for its students to grow in faith. And yet, it is "catholic" or universal, accepting of all students regardless of race, religion or socio-economic status. I love that my son and daughter have the opportunity to go to a school that values hard work, discipline, and acceptance of ALL people. When my children left 8th grade, many of their friends chose to go to an all caucasian, predominantly upper class school. Their parents felt it was "safer"...code for the same. It is amazing how many of them now choose to hang out at our DeSales events instead of their own school. My favorite thing about DeSales HS has been their holistic approach to education. The school promotes a well rounded life style, encouraging students to participate in extra curricular activities. They value learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. There are over 30 clubs to choose from, 25 Varsity sports, a fantastic arts program and multiple service opportunities. There is truly something for anyone!

- submitted by a parent

October 17, 2013
St. Francis DeSales High School is a terrific school! The Administration is excellent, and so are the teachers! There are many challenging opportunities for the students, and the grades can't be inflated since A is 93, and not 90, like other high schools! The "double math" is a great idea, and works, since Geometry and Algebra II CAN be taught simultaneously, unlike, Spanish I and II! As in any high school, student can get into trouble, but that trouble is never tolerated at DeSales! The Administration works very dilligently to keep on top of the problems, and addresses them quickly, never turning a blind eye! I have 2 of my kids there now, and plan on sending the others there as well. I have full confidence in the staff to contribute towards developing a fully prepared, well-rounded, responsible, caring student, and faithful disciple of Christ.

- submitted by a parent

October 05, 2013
This school is not worth the tuition. I graduated from here and had a great experience, but would not send my child here now. The administration has this place so in debt, they are unqualified to make academic decisions regarding your children (why is the softball coach deciding who can take foreign language?), kids run wild, there are lots of drugs in the school and most importantly, these kids are not being prepared for college. How many kids get into good colleges (due to grade inflation) and yet a year later are at home because they couldn't hack it? Stay far away from this place until they clean house with the administration. And the whole "double" math? I can't believe parents fall for that -- it is the stupidest idea ever. It will not benefit your child what so ever, but will hurt them. It is like taking Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 at the same time. It makes no sense. No other school does it -- and you should ask yourself why??? It makes no sense -- and any educator who puts the kids first would tell you so.

- submitted by a student

June 17, 2013
I currently attend DeSales and I find it to be a wonderful school. The teachers are always there for you and willing to give extra help. DeSales offers many ways to get involved through different clubs, sports, and service projects. I really feel like I am in a family environment when I enter DeSales, it is a great school.

- submitted by a community member

March 20, 2012
My son graduated from St. Francis DeSales high school and not only got a great education, he also got involved in many activities, clubs and service groups that the school offers. DeSales has excellent academic programs including a large list of advanced placement classes. Some students even earn college credit through a program with ODU DeSales prepares its students for the future (98% go on to college) not only academically, but spiritually by teaching in the Catholic tradition. Religion and prayer are a daily part of a students life a DeSales. I would encourage anyone looking for an excellent school with strong traditions to check out St. Francis DeSales.

- submitted by a parent

February 06, 2012
St. Francis DeSales is a regular, ordinary senior high school. Almost all of the high school stereo types apply to DeSales. What is so wrong with this? DeSales is not supposed to be just some ordinary high school. It is supposed to be an exemplary education to prepare its students for life. Faith, Family, Tradition. These three pillars of DeSales have lost their meaning over time. Very few students are actually religious, and at a Catholic school this is just unacceptable, and so deeply depressing. Countless students are disrespectful at Catholic masses held at the school, and few actually believe in the Catholic faith. Fornication, drug use, alcohol abuse, disobedience, immaturity, and flat out lack of discipline not only mars the reputation of this school, it makes learning in some situations impossible. The students are heavily cliqued, and there is a notable division between the rich and less fortunate. I do not go a day without seeing drugs being used or traded. The teachers for the most part are good, with a few exceptions who can't teach at all. Is this all the school s fault? No, but DeSales defiantly needs reworked. Current Student, Class of 2013

- submitted by a student

March 15, 2011
as a part of the class of 2013 and going from public to private school i was so happy with the way i was welcomed into the school. there's a wide range of class difficulties and the teachers are always so willing to help if you're struggling. i was amazed that sports weren't as big of a deal as they're made out to be....academics are just as important. the staff and administration is always trying to do what's best for the students and strictly enforce the rules. most students are deep in their faith and you don't hear much about sex in the halls, which i cant say for other schools.

- submitted by a student

March 30, 2010
I just graduated from this school last year. Wow, that's all I can say. The obsession with appearences and athletics is out of control. Grade inflation is ridiculous, and many of the teachers are a joke. For a Catholic school there is an obscene amount of gossiping and cattyness among the girls, and a serious clique problem. There is little to no discipline or enforcement of the rules, and as a result there is a serious drug and sex problem among the students. There is an obsession with 'tradition' which isn't bad, but it often comes into confrontation with what is actually best for the school. Speaking of what's best for the school, there is a brand new, six million dollar football stadium, but the building itself is falling apart and the administration is in debt to the point where they needed to cut back teachers. It seriously needs to reprioritise.

- submitted by a student

November 08, 2009
I am a senior at SFDHS (class 2010) and there is a lot that needs to be said for this school. though i have not been exposed to other high schools, i was however, public schooled up until my freshman year. the difference between public and private school for me has been one of complete improvement. I started freshman year looking for a good football team to be on. I found De Sales and was all for it. Sophomore year was the year that my interests changed from athletics to arts and music. I was elated to find so many opportunities. I joined the marching band, the jazz band, Drama, Horizon (Liturgical band). There is something for everyone at De Sales and we are encouraged to get involved. On the academics side, each and every teacher I have had has been totally effective. They have all gone out of their way to offer academic, moral and emotional support for me and other students as they need it. Many teachers are advisors to clubs or coaches or help run different organizations, which adds to their perspective and wealth of knowledge. AP and Honors classes are offered for many subjects, elective classes round us as scholars, and the grading scale is such that it gives us a leg up over other students when it comes time to apply to colleges. (We also have a 98% Graduation rate) Discipline is effective in dealing with each situation presented. They balance offense with penalty well and while no one person or administrative team can mature a student at will, and that person may not reform right away, they offer plenty of support to help them get there. The principal is personally invested in as many of us as he can. I.E. when I hit honor roll this year he personally called me to his office to congratulate me. His associate principals also get incredibly involved in our academic and personal well being, which can generally be said of most if not all teachers at some time or another. the guidance department goes further for each of us across all grade levels than I could have ever anticipated seeing. I noticed a previous review talking about weed and sex and drugs and all of that. Things have definitely changed from then to now and that needed to be said. Never has there been an instance where I have smelled weed anywhere in the school--during or after hours. And being involved in so many things I rarely go home straight after school. The fact is that the people making those bad choices to do drugs or drink wash out in the first 2 years. It is not tolerated. Furthermore, it is the belief of the institution itself that before dismissal is used; every possible step is taken to help them stop the behavior. The Christian attitude is always applied here. Expulsion is not always the answer and when people make dumb mistakes, this school tries their best to deal with it from one case to the other because at Saint Francis De Sales High school, none of us are a number. Lastly, Faith and family is the focus of our school life. We start class with a prayer and by the senior year many of us feel connected to each other person. The family exists within the school and it has been a great support system for many. When it comes down to it, anyone reading this review should never base their opinion off of what you hear. Call the school. Ask questions, because the choice to attend any school is a personal choice and it has to be the right fit. But despite my longwinded speech that I do apologize for, what I am trying to say, in a nutshell: Saint Francis De Sales is a top notch school with 2 presidential blue ribbons and a wonderful faculty and administrative team. It has a positive attitude with something for everyone and it has taught me much more than things from a book. I am ready for college and I am ready to be a contributing part of this country.

- submitted by a student
no rating
October 04, 2009
The school offers an excellent college prep education, but goes the extra mile. When my daughter was struggling with illness, the chemistry teacher offered to come to our house to help her catch up. She is just one example of the compassionate teachers who go the extra mile to help each student succeed.

- submitted by a parent

November 07, 2008
I graduated from DeSales in 2006 and I constantly wish I was back in high school. I love everything about DeSales, from the athletics to the choir to the drama club. The faculty when I was there is amazing and the teachers made a huge impression on my life. The community is a very familial community with emphasis on equality and love. The campus ministry is a major influence on every aspect of the school.

- submitted by a student

April 06, 2008
Athletics are a big deal at this school and the art department is awesome. Academic oppertunities are good and good grades are stressed and pushed. Teachers are extremely understanding and all the faculty are very involved and caring.

- submitted by a student

January 05, 2007
Prior to the opportunity arising to send my son to DHS, he was enrolled to attend our local public school. Although my public school is excellent, it lacked the religious support that young people need to excel in a difficult world. This is the core strength at DHS - God! While our society demands excellent scholastic skills, too many schools seem to think that God has to be removed to achieve it. DHS proves that theory wrong everyday. All students, faculty and staff try to live up to the high standards of our Lord. Does everyone hit the mark everyday? No, but they certainly try and they help and forgive those that do not. The main improvement I would like to see at DHS is an increase in diversity amongst students and faculty. This would expose the entire DHS family to great gifts that God gave to all of his people.

- submitted by a parent

July 29, 2005
I cannot express the excellence at this school. The teacher's are great and really care for there students. The education here is above excellent and the faculity is even better. They really care about the whole student not just 'passing them'. It is well worth the money and having just been through 4 years there I would highly advise any parent to send there child there. Mr. Garrick was a wonderful choice for leadership.

- submitted by a parent

February 19, 2005
I can't say enough about the academics and the family environment that is provided at DeSales. My daughter's progress over the years has excelled because of the academics that are provided to her. As she exits her Senior year and begins her road for college, this education has allowed for her to be very competitive in applying for colleges and universities across the country. She recently entered into a scholastic competition which, depending on her performance of the interview and essay process, would make it possible for her to receive a full scholarship for four years. Out of the many students from other competitive schools around Ohio, she finished as the 2nd best; thus, allowing her to win a complete all expense paid scholarship for four years. This is the blessing and results of a great college prep high school. Thanks to all teachers and staff at St. Francis DeSales.

- submitted by a parent

September 22, 2004
I was a student at DeSales last year and there were several instances that were not acceptable. First, the school has no drug or alcohol control whatsoever. Also, they are way too into sports. over 50% of my teachers last year were coaches. There is this faint smell of weed in th egirls bathroom, and I've seen kids hand out pill vials after school. There were two teachers that really helped, though, and that was Stephas and Scott, Theology and Science teachers. There is an unbelievable amout of teen sex going on, and the faculty are oblivious. I'm not trying to knock this school, you just need to hear this from someone who went there, and switched schools ASAP. If you don't have a jock or a cheerleader, you are a no-one. The profanity is crazy,people are always making out in the halls. You couldn't pay me to go there. Thanks.

- submitted by a student

February 23, 2004
I know that DeSales is a committed school. Just take a walk in the halls before homeroom, see the teachers working with students.The science and math departments are well known for their developing the latest in courses that students can use at college. Just recently, teachers worked together after school hours to help students with understanding what they could expect on an ACT test. The sports program can boast of male and female coaches of the year in several of the sports. But it is the religion classes that go beyond the classroom to develope the student's sense of morality and making good judgement decisions. This school developes the whole of the student. I am pleased with my son's progress, and look forward to my daughter attending DeSales next year. Thank you, Mrs.J.

- submitted by a parent

February 23, 2004
I would like to say the school has provided opportunities for my son that he would not have found elsewhere.The teachers, the courses, the extra-activities after school, the encouraged parental involvement, the religion classes, all of it helped to develope my son into the man he is today. DeSales has a vision for the kind of student it wants to produce.Students are expected to graduate with study skills that will take them into college, and a sense of community that will encourage them to participate in their neighborhoods. There is strong leadership at DeSales on all levels of learning.

- submitted by a parent

August 26, 2003
DeSales has one of the best athletic programs in the state of Ohio,particularly, Football. Academically, the school has received awards of excellency and parent participation is phenomenal. I would recommend DeSales to anyone looking for one overall impressive high school at a reasonable tuition rate for a private school.

- submitted by a parent

August 26, 2003
The teachers at this school are excellent. They did a great job with my ADHD child. Not just in their ability to teach him, but also in helping him feel valued and to belong. I say hats off to De Sales as a safe and excellent school.

- submitted by a parent
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January 12, 2015


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St. Francis DeSales High School
4212 Karl Road, Columbus, OH  43224
(614) 267-7809
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