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In search of home and school.


fees4boys August 14, 2011

Hi, I am a mother of four boys and two of them are still in school 7th, and 9th grade. We are moving from the Cincinnati area to Columbus. I would like to find a school that has good academics and sports program. I will be moving after football season, because I don't want to interrupt the boys sports. My freshman is a honors student, but he also starts on varsity at his school here and is concerned about being at the best school possible to continue his academic and sports career. I am of the black race and we are one of three black families in our community. My boys have been raised to know whats important so whether the school is prodominantly minorty, or not they will do well. please help? I am also looking for a home I have been told Northside or Westside of Columbus has the best academic and sports schools, not for sure.

Thanks if you can help.

Mom (in search of new home, life, and school)

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KandiKH August 24, 2011

Hi. I would suggest NorthEast Columbus, Beechcroft H.S. has both good academics and a good sports program and is racially diverse, though the Columbus system in general has a high percentage of black families. If you want a little better neighborhoods, and can afford it, you can try Westerville or Gahanna. They are suburbs to Columbus, have good school systems with good sports programs and are racially diverse, meaning a good mix of different races/cultures/religions.
Good luck with your move, I hope all goes well.


tcamp2771 September 21, 2011

Hi there, the Northside of Columbus is the best. Like the other person said it's the best side of the city unless you can afford Gahanna, Westerville or Worthington. Currently there's a house for sale right down the street from Beechcroft High School that will probably be great for a family of your size. If you haven't already found a place to stay check it out. It's at the corner of Skywae and Meander (zip code 43229). The middle school is Woodward Park.

Good luck to you.

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