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What steps can I take to help my 6 year old son transition and cope with major live stressors?


KPiatt September 14, 2009

A lot has happened this summer; we got married, bought a house, lost a pregnancy, moved school districts and went from kindergarten to 1st grade. I think as an adult this is a lot to process. I thought my son was coping okay with everything but the past two weeks he has been acting out and I'm not sure what to do to help. Any thoughts or tips would be great!

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healthy11 September 14, 2009

Hi. I hope that the worst of your stress is past, and you'll soon be able to breathe easier. When you say that your son has been acting out, do you mean at school, at home, or both? While it may not be what you want to hear, his acting out might just have to do with the the end of summer, and readjustment into the new school term. It might have happened even if you lived in your old place, and could have nothing to do with all of the changes that took place in your family situation this summer. How did your son like kindergarten? Did he have any trouble there? Unfortunately, the "work demands" for 1st grade are harder, and being in a new school may mean their expectations are significantly different than what he was used to. Have you asked him if he's found any new friends, or if something is bothering him?

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