Academic focus and philosophy

Academic themes / Areas of focus Career and Tech (vocational)
Instructional / curriculum models used Advanced placement (AP) courses


AP Classes
including: Studio Art - Drawing
AP classes offered Chemistry
English Language and Composition
Studio Art - Drawing
German Language

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Student diversity

  This school State average
Black 60% 16%
White 24% 74%
Hispanic 11% 4%
Two or more races 5% 4%
Asian n/a 2%
Pacific Islander n/a 0%
American Indian/Alaska Native n/a 0%
Source: See notes

Students by group

  This school State average
Female 46% 49%
Male 54% 51%
Students participating in a free or reduced-price lunch program 87% 47%
Source: See notes


Transportation options (misc.) Transportation provided for students living beyond district walk limits.


Open enrollment available Yes - for all students
Tuition for out-of-district, in-state students 3,020

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  • Ohio's open enrollment policy allows students to attend public schools outside their designated districts tuition free. Application practices differ by district. Parents are responsible for transportation. The open enrollment application periods generally begin each spring when school districts select one of three options: no open enrollment; enrollment from students residing in adjacent school districts; or open enrollment from students residing in any Ohio school district.


Student diversity OH Dept. of Education, 2012-2013
Students by group OH Dept. of Education, 2012-2013