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Best OKC Middle School for ADHD Child with IEP


concernedgm January 22, 2009

My daughter will be attending a middle school in Oklahoma City next year. She has an IEP (because of ADHD) at her current school and I am terrified that she will be lost in the crowd at middle school (especially since she is going to one with 6th through 12th grade). Can anyone suggest a school she might transfer to, or any alternatives we could pursue?

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LeslieAnne January 26, 2009

I understand your concerns because my Son has learning disabilities and is autistic. He acts like a normal child except for communication issues and some learning curves. We have been through it with finding the best school for him since he was 3years old. We moved to Piedmont because of the SEd program and it is the BEST! They are awesome people!...We are possibly going to have to move out of Piedmont and everyone keeps telling me that Blanchard is 2nd to best with their Sed program. I love piedmont...but it is quite expensive to live here...if you have resources and a little extra's only 20 minutes from Lake Hefner Parkway. I do hope we can stay...but circumstances are leading me to Bridge Creek Schools and I don't even know if they have anything to really offer him. At Piedmont Primary he has an Aid, speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist. They have a growing community. Good luck in whatever you decide. Please, if you have any info for me that could help us about Bridge Creek or so on...please share...thank you!


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