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I am considering transfer from summit to cheyenne. I need more positives to base my decision on. need + input


Anonymous May 26, 2009

i am wanting to transfer because our area is seemingly going downhill because of lower income housing and apartment complexes...i feel my child's safety is in jeopardy due to the students overcrowding our middle school (summit) summit is quickly becoming know around edmond as "the getto" which is very concerning to me. cheyenne is a much further drive, but i have heard excellent things about it..any positive or negative input would be very valuable....

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1seremen May 29, 2009

Cheyenne is a good school and it has many "lower income" housing and apartments. They have more than fifteen percent students for reduced/free lunch. It is good idea to transfer to a new school for a department such as music, but have in mine your child will likely share classes with many "lower income" students whose parents work very hard every day.

Good luck!

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