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btandrews August 25, 2010

My wife and I are debating on transferring our family to Okahoma City. Our draw back is the school districts, we are currently in one of the top school districts in the nation and would hate to lose that. Can anyone provide any feedback or information on Oklahoma City Schools? We are currently in the Blue Valley School district in Johnson County Kansas. Looking foward to hearing from you.

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cbarron September 1, 2010

Oklahoma City schools are not too great. However, the Edmond school district, which is right outside of OKC, is great. If you move to OKC, Edmond Schools are your best bet.


MLLewelling September 24, 2010

Hope I'm not too late to weigh in -- Cbarron's reply is unfounded, but typical for this area. The OKC Public Schools certainly have their challenges, especially a few schools in lower income areas. But it needs to be said that OKC has made some major strides in the last 15 - 20 years with schools that far outdistance Edmond schools. Plus the OKC schools do not require that families live in a certain district to attend these fine schools; students can come from anywhere in the state. Newsweeks 2010 America's Best High Schools lists Oklahoma's 2 top schools as: Classen School of Advanced Studies, Okla. City, No. 41 on the list, and Harding Charter Prepatory, OKC, No. 69. Edmond schools do not show up until Edmond North H.S., No. 403; Edmond Memorial H.S., No. 521; and Edmond Santa Fe, No. 1255. Additionally, Classen, at least, begins at the 6th grade so your child is preparing through middle school for the skills he will need in the high school years. I note that the 9 Kansas schools on the list rank between No. 251 and No. 1705. You might find Oklahoma City to be a very good choice for your children. P.S. There are several good choices for elementary schools that intentionally prepare children for the higher grades. Good luck!


amunshi October 22, 2010

Can you please tell me which school district you decided on. I am also going to move to OK from TX and am considering school options.


OneSock August 29, 2011

The OKC Public School district is huge - you'll find schools all across the spectrum. Our magnet and charter schools offer challenging curriculum in safe environments. Qualified 7th graders may take high school Algebra, and high schoolers often graduate with many college credits under their belt. Some of the lower-performing schools have very dedicated teachers and phenomenal community support (community mentors, tutors, and corporate sponsorships) that provide each student the opportunity to succeed.

One of the top middle schools in the *nation* is Belle isle Enterprise, where students must have excellent behavior as well as excellent grades in order to be invited to attend. It's a Blue Ribbon, Core Knowledge school. Independence Middle fits the needs of students who are focused more on social, not academic areas. Classen has a great music and drama department, and the relaxed atmosphere fits the needs of many students. Harding Charter Prep High School is a great school, among the most challenging in the state.

Piedmont and Deer Creek are both great (far northwest OKC) metro area districts to look into, as well.


user5618370 July 17, 2014

Beside private schools, Putnam City Schools, Deer Creek, and Piedmont. PC district is huge and runs on the West side of the city. Deer Creek is far NW and Piedmont is also far NW. Edmond schools, I have heard are also excellent.

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