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Aspergers Syndrome


ljmantle March 14, 2011

We are considering moving to the OKC area. My son is currently in an excellent private school in Southwest Missouri and we are very hesitant to move him. What elementary school private or public would be great for my child who as aspergers syndrome?

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zennith3000 April 2, 2011

hi, i also moved from saint louis, mo a little more than a year ago and i was to nervous about moving my son who has high functioning autism, but we found a great school for him with a brand new program at mark twain elementary and we love it there. Right now they have only four kids in the class and it has been open since 1/2010, i think? but it's about over a year old program and everyone is great and helpful there. you should give them a call.


brydie May 3, 2011

what grade? My son has Asperger's and he will be in Kindergarten next year.

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