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My daughter is in first grade and she was very excited on the first day of school, now she hates it. She has


gogoblu September 3, 2008

a teacher that screams all day and actually did this on the first day of school, and continued on everyday after. I asked the principle to move my daughter to another classroom, and he refuses, what should I do? I don't want her to be in this environment, her teacher in kindergarten was the same way and I promised her this year would be different, I still hope it can be for her sake, I hate to hear a 6 year old say she hates school and cry every morning when its time to go. thanks

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Energy4ever September 3, 2008

Do you think she will be happy in another class? Do you think is the teacher or is your girl? Did you had the chance to talk to other parents in the class? If you did all your homework and you feel that changing class will solve the problem you need to go above the principle. One thing you have to remember is that you have this experience with your daughter, principle are teacher before being principle, they have a lot of experience and they saw a lot of children reacting like your daughter.....maybe they are making the best decision for her. You have to follow you heart of course but make sure you do what is right for your girl.
There is the option of home schooling or you can move her to another school if the principle is determinate to do not move her to another class.


ed4change September 3, 2008

You have a concern. You've given the principal the opportunity to resolve your concern. It hasn't happened. You have every right to take your concern to a higher level of authority.

Generally, Superintendents are extremely responsive to parent concerns. As one Superintendent put it to me, "I don't want negative comments gaining momentum down at the Beauty Parlor." In others words, they know just how fast negative opinions can spread through a town.

As long as you feel you have a legitimate concern, I urge you to take to as far as you need to.

It is helpful to keep an accurate "diary" or notebook about all of your meetings, notes, phone calls, etc. dealing with the school system and your concern. Those notes might be very valuable if you have to get a lawyer involved.

Of course, none of this would be necessary if we decided to Educate For A Change. See the website:


curlysue September 4, 2008

I would change my child. My daughter was the same way she wasnt used to people yelling all the time. You have the right to move your child. I agree with ed4change, go higher. My daughter was scared to death to be alone with the teacher and I dont blame her. Theres no need to be scaring little kids at that age.


kmmkk1 September 4, 2008

Go to the school board. Call every one you can every day until someone responds. Yelling at children in a classroom setting is unacceptable - I'm shocked that you kept her in the same kind of situation last year.


lmsabm September 4, 2008

Go above the principal! Start off with the Superintendent; if that does nothing, contact the school board. There is no excuse for a teacher behaving that way, and you, as the parent, have the right to have your child moved to a different class if you're not happy with your daughter's teacher.


gogoblu September 6, 2008

I fought with the principal all year last year and unfortunately in Kindergarten there wasn't another classroom to move her to, this year there is and I have been trying to get her moved since the first day of school but the principal refuses and the superintendent is unresponsive so far, it is very frustrating.


ed4change September 6, 2008

Something to remember: You always want to try to resolve your problems at the lowest level of authority possible. Starting at the top may get the solution you want in the short term, but may result in unintended side-effects.

It's in your child's best interest that you and the teacher are allies, not enemies. If that's not possible, then you need the principal on your side. If not... then the superintendent. If not... get ahold of a school board member, preferrably the one that represents your neighborhood.

Trying first at the lowest level also gives you more credibility with the people higher up that you are trying to get on your side.

If you don't go through proper channels and protocol, you're giving them to the opportunity to judge both you and your child as "problems." That's NOT in the best interest of your child.

In a perfect world, with perfect people, they would all be trying their best to help you and your child. But things aren't always that simple and you must, for the sake of your child, play by the rules, even if someone else isn't doing so!


Cinderbell September 6, 2008

Since you have already gone to the principal and he refuses to help, send an email to the superintendant and copy in the principal as well. State your problem with facts, not emotion, and the steps you have already taken to get this situation resolved.

There are too many teachers who yell all the time, this I is a terrible situation for everyone.


1seremen September 9, 2008

If you have an option, change her to another school. Changing her to another class in the same school may increase gossips.

My son had the same experience of not being happy after the first week of school last year. His teacher was very nice, but put him on another bus without calling me for her horrible mistake. After this incident, i was so worry of the safety of my child in her class for the whole year, although he got a good education from this teacher and school.

He is in catholic school this year and I am seeing my son interacting with his teacher and smiling and joking with his classmates. This is his third week in this school and he remains same boy I drove to school on the first day.

Please take care of your child before an individual destroy her future.

Best wishes!


youc1966 September 30, 2008

Is it possible to change schools? Changing prinicipals may be the answer. The type of teacher the principal of your school chooses may simply not be the right personality for your child, as evidenced by both K and 1st grades.
A dear friend had this problem with her first grader. She explained her concerns with the principal at another school (in the same district) and was allowed to transfer her child. It has made all the difference.
You are right that your child should not be miserable about going to school. You are the parent and you ultimately have the right to place her where she is happy and comfortable.

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