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My daughter is in first grade and she was very excited on the first day of school, now she hates it. She has


gogoblu September 3, 2008

a teacher that screams all day and actually did this on the first day of school, and continued on everyday after. I asked the principle to move my daughter to another classroom, and he refuses, what should I do? I don't want her to be in this environment, her teacher in kindergarten was the same way and I promised her this year would be different, I still hope it can be for her sake, I hate to hear a 6 year old say she hates school and cry every morning when its time to go. thanks

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sashaquetta October 6, 2008

I somewhat agree with changing schools especially if you have tried to communicate and this has been an ongoing problem. It's clear this is how the teacher feels they can get results and will not change, and the principle doesn't see this as a problem affecting the children. So if this were bothering me and my child I would change schools, but who's to say this won't happen again so whatever shcool you're interested in talk to the teachers and parents, and ask if you can observe a little then maybe you can make a good decision for your child. And you have to remember not to give your child the impression that everytime something happens you are going to change classes or schools, then they wouldn't learn to overcome challenges or learn to get along with others as well.


debrasuefitzge October 16, 2008

i had the same problem with my daughters first grade teacher and when the principal did nothing about it i went to the school board and i heard they got rid of her because apparently i wasnt the only one whos kid said she yelled at them. was this helpful?


mandbsmom October 28, 2008

I would encourage you to talk with your child about what is bothering him/her without adding your own spin into what is being told to you. Children will often read into what parents want to hear and fall into the trap of pleasing parents. If you can remain positive and pleasant, they usually can also. I would also talk to the teacher and explain in a nice way the things your child is telling you and give them a chance to correct the situation before running and asking the principal to do damage control.


curlysue October 29, 2008

Since you state that you have already spoken to the principal. I am eager to know whatever became of your situation. Please keep us updated.


kkennedy April 11, 2009

If I may ask, which elementary school did this happen? My child is starting school next year, and I'd prefer to avoid that situation if possible.

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