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How did you choose a preschool in Edmond?


tjlove August 14, 2008

How did you choose a preschool in Edmond?

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1seremen September 9, 2008

I did not have many options to choose from. My son attended Catholic preschool and public school PK. Catholic school was attractive because of the academic, staff professionalism, and a large classroom/ learning materials.

My son did not get the spot for PK in Catholic school , but went to public school PK by winning lottery. The public school PK academic was excellent and free.

My son returned to catholic school for K.


BillUselton December 18, 2009

my grandchildren attend grades first and third, I enjoy
visiting them at lunch time once a week and visiting with their teachers and other students. It's a great atmosphere with evident attention given to each student. I feel they are in a safe environment.
Thank you for their care.

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