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twingrls74014 June 5, 2012

my friend was sending her autistic daughter to a tulsa county school and has had horrible results come to fined out they cant deal with her daughters level of autisim. and now were looking for another school. were do i go??

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MagnetMom June 8, 2012

Hi twingirls74014,

Contact the special education office of the school district. Ask which schools she is eligible for. Also contact an autism support group in your area and ask which schools they find are helpful.
Good luck.


Funguy95 January 18, 2013

Hello Twingirls74014
I am a student at Riverfield Country Day school. In my grade of 35 students 4 of them have autism. One of my good friends is one of them and in the past three years that he has been here i have basically watch him become almost fully functional. I really suggest checking the school out.
Hope this helps!

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