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Newberg, OR
Students enrolled: 240
Before care: No
After care: No

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401 Mission Dr
Newberg, OR 97132

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(503) 538-1962
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Teacher effectiveness: Somewhat effective
June 09, 2015
Some are very very effective where some others lack organization, student respect, and communication skills.

- submitted by a parent

June 09, 2015
While we experienced many blessings being at Veritas were very disappointed in the administration. We watched 2 of the most awesome teachers have their contracts not renewed because their kids did not attend Veritas. Both of these teachers were replaced with people with family connections in the school. Both of these new teachers do not meet the excellence the school advertises. The feeling is the school is constantly looking for donations but has no interest in parent input. When I had a concern about my young elementary child I was met with defensiveness from the teacher and the phrase, "well your child does not pay attention". No plan was offered to help. I am the parent not the teacher, I was asking for guidance to help from the professional so we could work as a team to benefit my child. I pay the school to educate my child I was amazed at how much they want you to teach your child. To clarify some of the teachers were amazing and did not require more than the average homework and they taught the children very well. I have NO problem doing helping with homework and listening to them read, and working on projects to support the teachers work in the classroom. I work full time to pay tuition and was disappointed to have a teacher tell me I was not doing enough at home. I was also surprised to find some of the behavior allowed while the children were in line going from one class to another. I was told that they are allowed to talk and visit even when that means they are not paying attention to the teacher. Respecting an adult is an important lesson. They also want to fit your child into a box that tests well. If your child does not then it is suggested they go somewhere else. This helps bring the school test rating up but discarding the less than perfect students seriously limits the growth of the school. Why do they offer hefty tuition credits to existing families to find new students and get them enrolled? Word of mouth is not enough? As I started this rating, our experience is NOT all bad. Some of the teachers we worked with were amazing! The office staff gals are caring, loving and supportive. The headmaster for the elementary is great with the kids and, I believe, truly cares. We love so many of the people here. Overall the curriculum is sound, the music program awesome.

- submitted by a parent

May 08, 2015
To a previous reviewer who asked why Veritas needs a marketing department: because it's a small private school in a small town that will most likely only be known as home of wine country and possibly George Fox; because yes, Veritas does rely on donational and volunteer support for its survival. How is this at all bad? We all thank those who make Veritas possible through their caring donations, volunteering, and other support, for they have thanked God for blessing them with abundance by seeing fit to bless others as well. Well, the afore mentioned reviewer says that the marketing department exists to hide all the bad reviews, to sweep all the bad stuff under the rug. It exists rather to show the world Veritas's virtues in spite of reviewers who simply take joy in lashing out and trying to catch Veritas red-handed, implicating her of many crimes often on evidence which is simply at ends with the experience of the majority at Veritas. The world has already heard enough bad about Veritas from reviewers, so it is the job of the marketers (criticized more) to make sure the truth of the good gets out as well, since no one honestly pays as much attention to good reviews as to bad.

- submitted by a student

May 07, 2015
I have been going to this school for 9 years and I am now a senior. The school has not only taught us virtue and godliness, but how to be virtuous and godly with flexibility and open mindedness while interacting with everyday issues in the world. We're given a broad and all-encompassing education in order that the individual gifts in each of us may be best expressed. When my family and I first joined the Veritas family, we were immediately welcomed with open arms. Nine years later, not only my class but all the highschool has become my family, and the teachers my caring mentors. Out of all the extracurriculars, our concert choir (currently state champions) has 75% of our whole high school which shows our love for teamwork, expression, and glorifying God through music. Seeing these negative reviews makes me sad because it is not at all consistent with my nine years here at Veritas and I know all my peers would say the same.

- submitted by a student

May 03, 2015
My kids attended Veritas when I taught there. There are good people at the school, but the administration is very difficult. There is ONE way to do things. For a Christian school, the arrogance and lack of grace in the administration is appalling. There is a marked difference in the way that they treat parents with money/connections. The admin. interprets classical in the most uncreative manner possible. Teachers are encouraged to go for a particular "look" over good teaching. Students should sit in rows and work on seat work. Students are all expected to fit in a very narrow "box" and many students will not fit that box. Students are encouraged to behave well outwardly for the public view, but there is not a lot of encouragement to develop real, inward kindness, or self-control. There is a LOT of homework. Worse, the school is masterful at making parents feel as if they have no other options and will damage their students if they leave; that "no one else has a problem with this; and that *any* concerns are "gossip" and not to be tolerated. (IMO, this whole way of delegitimizing parents leaves the school ripe for long-term abuse.)

- submitted by a parent

April 01, 2015
I think it's rather sad that, from what we can tell, the negative reviews are being written by the same couple parents...who still have their children at Veritas. If this school is really that bad for your kids, then please find a place that's right for your family. We've never said that Veritas is perfect - and we've never said it's the best school for every child. Obviously, you feel it's not right for yours. We're sorry if that's the case, but then isn't it your choice to stay or go?

- submitted by a teacher

March 12, 2015
The negative reviews here seem very strange to us and not at all consistent with our positive experience at Veritas. I guess some parents had some disappointing experiences here. The elementary faculty is wonderful and they all seem to be sticking around for years at a time.

- submitted by a parent

February 27, 2015
Warning the marketing department of Vertias does not want you to read all the reviews here. That is why they keep adding good reviews to the top. These reviews are from basically the same people - the marketing department. You need to ask yourself why such a small school needs a marketing department. Don t be fooled read all the reviews here. If you visit the school make sure you ask about teacher turnover and don t just settle for an it s very low here answer, look at their past yearbooks you will see. Also make sure you read the fine print on Tuition Obligation. If you sign your child up for Veritas for the next year, then you learn during the summer the school board has voted to not let parents vote for school board members anymore, and you decide you no longer want your child at Veritas, you are on the hook for 50% of the year s tuition even before the school year has started. By September 15 you are on the hook for 100% of the year s tuition when you have only been there for 2 weeks. They will go after you for the money, best thing to do is not sign your child up for Veritas.

- submitted by a parent

February 05, 2015
At Veritas, we seek to challenge students individually at all levels and teach them how to learn by using the well-proven classical method. Veritas School's mission is to cultivate wisdom, virtue and godliness by providing an excellent, Christ-centered classical education. A Veritas education begins by nurturing a child s natural sense of wonder and developing it into the intellectual curiosity of a graduate who is prepared to engage the world with purpose and confidence. Veritas is committed to providing a classical education where students acquire the tools of learning that will lead them to become lifelong learners. Veritas School acknowledges that all life, knowledge and meaning extend from our Creator. This approach requires that all subjects, whether history, art, music, mathematics or science be taught with God at the core. At Veritas, Jesus isn t just present or prominent - He is preeminent. This reality impacts life in the classroom. I would encourage you to visit Veritas School and see for yourself what makes us so different.

- submitted by a school leader

December 20, 2014
The comments about the board and Administration that others have posted are highly over exaggerated. Our family has been at Veritas for a long time, and I can honestly say that I have dealt with, or know all of these people well enough to say that they operate in a prayerful manner and always with integrity. They care about the Veritas community as a whole, which makes it more like a family than a school. Our family has been so blessed by this school, by the way it operates and by the topnotch teaching. I would encourage anyone who is interested to take a look for yourself.

- submitted by a parent

December 04, 2014
I will keep it brief. No school is perfect. Veritas, however, manages to consistently provide a high quality Christian education, with a high quality academic education, at a price level that normal people can afford if they make the hard choices. The issues and faces have changed over the years, but the people that make Veritas happen have succeeded year after year now in keeping and growing the school. Are things not perfect in all areas, and not perfect for all people. Of course. It does not take much work to find problems in anything, what it does take work and blessing to do, is to build an institution that consistently produces results. Veritas has served our family very well. If you are making plans for your child/teenager and want a Christian and academically challenging education at a very reasonable price point, then Veritas should be in your top 3 to look at, and really deserves an in person visit.

- submitted by a parent

November 26, 2014
Mostly 4 & 5-star teachers. 2-star administration. We have two current K-6 students. Useful insider info: (1) Tuition is 50% non-refundable after Aug. 1st and 100% after Sept 15th. (2) Teacher contracts are not offered until spring, so the teacher you preview may not be the teacher your child has. We experienced this twice, once with unacceptable results. (3) No hard class-size cap exists, nor a policy to provide aides for classes over the recommended maximum of 20 (K-6) and 22 (7-12). Three K-6 classes currently exceed 20 students. (4) Parents have no power to hold the school accountable. After the May 2014 election, which ended in a tie, the Board changed the school bylaws so that it now selects all future members. The administration generally responds to parental input with lip service and little to no action. (5) The bargain price relies heavily on parent volunteers, i.e. no paid janitors or recess aides, minimal class aides, carpools for ALL field trips. Volunteering a lot has no effect on the school s receptivity to a parent s input, dampening parental enthusiasm to volunteer. In sum: Generally strong academics, frustratingly inflexible administration.

- submitted by a parent

November 22, 2014
Anyone thinking about Veritas for their children will find a highly supportive, first rate school with a strong classical program methodology that challenges students to academic heights as seen in their national test scores and numbers of national merit scholars. Moreover, Veritas mission cultivates a strong Christian foundation and character growth in their students which paves the way for their future in knowing how to think and above all else knowing that God is the giver of all. There are few decisions that have a lasting impact on life and one is the choice of school we made for our two boys. The administration, faculty, and staff have positive relationships and a sincere model of respect for one another at Veritas. This in turn is cultivated and carried out by the students who reciprocate the same respect back to the teachers and among each other as well. There is a strong culture of honor and respect for one another from the elementary grades to the high school. Hence, there is more valuable and quality academic time spent in educating the students. (Continued below)

- submitted by a parent

August 07, 2014
There is a very high rate of teacher turnover in elementary. They require all school age children of teachers and staff to attend Veritas, this has contributed greatly to the turnover and decline in quality of the elementary school. They have fallen into a trap of worshiping the school and even classical Christian education instead of having faith in God and his goodness, power, and promises. Why manipulate your staff and faculty if that is not where God is calling them to be?

- submitted by a parent

July 19, 2014
Veritas School provides the kind of world-class education every child needs. The teachers, administration, staff and most definitely the Board, have the heart of Veritas in mind. Their goal is to not only provide the best Christian education there is but it is also to ensure that the school lives on for generations of students! If you are looking for a perfect school with no flaws, then I wish you the best of luck. But if you are looking for a place where your child can learn, be valued as an individual and learn from teachers that care about them then you should consider Veritas.

- submitted by a parent

June 24, 2014
Agree with another reviewer, sr. administration & school board are elitist. At any school, there will be things that could use improvement. If a parent has input at Veritas: it is not valued, nor welcomed & rarely considered. You quickly find out the board / administration is "my way or the highway", which has lead to a great deal of teacher turn over in the elementary school. They will tell you that the amount of turnover is normal and teacher tenure school-wide averages 10 years. If you're considering K-4, be sure you ask for tenure figures for the teacher in the specific grade: how long have they been teaching that grade at Veritas & you quickly find out about turnover. This is not a reflection on the lower school headmaster, who appears to have no authority (but should have a good deal more), but rather sr. administration / board members. If you are considering middle or high school, the other reviews of children that graduated are probably very appropriate. The middle & high school teachers are largely unchanged. The current elementary school has vastly different teaching staff from the 8+ years ago that their kids were there. I have current elementary students.

- submitted by a parent

June 11, 2014
Our children graduated from Veritas with an excellent education and now have completed college. A Veritas education focuses more on preparing students to be able to think and to learn and less on content skills, although memorization helped as they had a good foundation from the beginning of their schooling to nurture a love of learning through high school. Their classical training using grammar, logic, and rhetoric, within a Christian context, has helped them succeed in their education and to be fruitful in living their lives.

- submitted by a parent

June 06, 2014
Veritas is top notch! All three of our children graduated from Veritas and were well prepared for undergraduate and graduate school. We have been so pleased with the quality education they received at a bargain price. We can't say enough good things about the teachers, the staff, and administration. Given the opportunity, we would go with Veritas again!

- submitted by a parent

May 29, 2014
Veritas School has blessed our children and community immeasurably. We consider it a priceless investment. We have always felt that the teachers truly knew and loved our children, and that the workings of the administration and staff were always bathed in prayer and integrity of vision. There is a good percentage of male teachers (especially for high school) and so many good role models, not just for kids, but for parents! Truly a gift from God. Partake!

- submitted by a parent

May 26, 2014
No school is perfect, but if you want a Christ-centered classical education, Veritas is an excellent place to receive one. Latin from the third grade; art and music an integrated part of the curriculum (not optional for anyone). And the Humane Letters sequence in high school is great!

- submitted by a parent

May 07, 2014
Be careful! The school board and administration make unethical decision. They have had a board member who is also an employee of the school for almost a year now. That is a huge conflict of interest. They have weird policies that they sometimes hold up and sometimes don t, and if you disagree with them, you are just dismissed. Very elitist. Most parents when they see this back way off from being involved or donating money. A few years ago they had plenty of volunteers for recess duty but now they have to beg all the time. Something is wrong here at Veritas. The teachers may be good but as a parent save yourself the frustration and don t get involved.

- submitted by a parent

November 15, 2013
I graduated from Veritas after being there for eight years and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I received an excellent education there and, thanks to the efforts of their wonderful teaching staff, I was was incredibly well prepared for college. The Veritas community taught me to think critically, work diligently, and love genuinely. I will always be grateful for my time there.

- submitted by a community member

August 18, 2013
Both my sons graduated from Veritas and went on to attend Wheaton College. I really believe that a classical Christian education is an incredible gift to give your children. My boys not only gained an incredible college-prep education, but they learned HOW to learn and to think...not this "memorize for the test and move on" mentality. The teachers are all Christians and make Christ central in what they teach. The staff is amazing and cares about the whole student, not just how they do academically. Students are taught social skills, too - such as how to write a thank-you note, make a toast, what all the silverware is for, etc. - and also how to reflect Christ in all they do. And in all the classes, they make learning enjoyable. Lots of hands-on activities, field trips, songs, chants, public speaking, debates, etc. And the colleges are pursuing Veritas' graduates! In a recent newsletter, it said that the 18 members in the Class of 2013 received scholarship offers totaling more than $4.25 million - to schools like Stanford, Hillsdale, and Baylor! That speaks volumes to me... Veritas is a good investment all around.

- submitted by a parent

January 24, 2012
Our children have attended this school for 3 years. The academic excellence that comes from this school is nothing short of impressive. While sports and extra activities are a bit limited the programs they do have are excellent. This school has 50% of it's population that travels from outside of Newberg, with some commutes as high as 1 hour (1 way), this speaks to the level of education they are offering. The teachers and leadership of the school really go above and beyond to address the heart of each child and how they react to one another. We find our children's hearts being shaped to seek God and to honor their family daily. We love it.

- submitted by a parent

September 10, 2008
Can't get any better than a 100% college acceptance rate. Considering that's 10 years worth of graduates, it's a pretty amazing stat. Vertias students run rings around public school students in all areas, especially things like ethics and civic pride.

- submitted by a parent

February 04, 2007
Veritas is a wonderful school and, like many parents, we've made financial sacrifices to enable our children to attend this school; it's been worth every penny. While the small size tends to limit some extracurricular activities, many students remain active outside of Veritas and the educational and social environment more than make up for this deficiency. Overall there simply is no comparison between the education my children are receiving at Veritas and what their peers are receiving at the arguably good local public schools.

- submitted by a parent

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Veritas was started in 1997 by four families who prayed that the Lord would allow them to bring the gift of classical and Christ-centered education to the Newberg area. We have families who drive over an hour one way to attend the school because it is highly successful, clearly unique, and decidedly Christian. Please come visit and see this for yourself! We'd love to share about this special place with you...

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Veritas School
401 Mission Dr, Newberg, OR  97132
(503) 538-1962
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