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are gifted children inclined to hate homework?


noraskids November 9, 2009

My son is very advanced for his grade. Some people would liken his maturity level to that of a 6th grader and he's only in 2nd. He exceeds in his academics as well. Because of this, he tends to think that he already knows everything and that school is a waste of time. He also despises homework. He does attend one of the best public schools in the state. We really can't afford a private school.Does anyone have a gifted child that feels this way about school and can anyone offer me advise on how to remedy this before it gets worse? Help! Thanks.

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brettsmom November 19, 2009

noraskids, Ask to have your son tested by the school or school district for giftedness. If he tests as being gifted, the school will move on either putting him in to a GATE program (program for gifted kids) or have him take classes at higher grade levels as someone else suggested. Since you are at a great public school, you may have more resources there than you know. My son is also at a great public school and they are very aggressive on identifying and developing gifted kids.

Ask the teacher or better still, the asst. principal or principal about having your son officially tested for giftedness. Then consider putting him in a gifted magnet school. There are real benefits to public schools and the availability of magnet programs is a big one.

On homework, my son who is quite bright but I would not say gifted, doesn't like it too much either. I think it's because they do so much work at his school that he is burned out at home. I agree with the other posters, he has to do it whether he likes it or not. I try to get him to knock it out right after he gets home so it's not hanging over either of our heads.

Also, although private school may be unaffordable, consider putting him in a homework club or after school homework help program. All these programs do is train kids to do homework which is a skill they need for their entire academic career. I am looking for a convinient one for my first grader myself. They get in to the routine of doing it without having Mom or Dad to squawk to. It stops being about whether they "want" to do it and becomes about the best way to do it well and quickly. Also, the clubs make it a team environment which for my son is a big positive. Good luck.

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