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Msdandymom27 November 5, 2011

Hello ! I am making plans to move out to Portland Oregon within the next year or so and I was just wondering if anyone knows which school districts are the best. Also, is Multonomah county pretty safe ? I will be visiting in the summer of 2012, just trying to get to know some people also. I have a three year old daughter and a five year old daughter.

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OneJMG November 25, 2011

Hi! We moved here last year and live in Washington County. The Great Schools scores seem pretty consistent with the reputations of the Beaverton and Lake Oswego school districts. My kids are in the Beaverton School District. The Great Schools scores are extremely helpful in choosing a school, but I'd definitely recommend checking into schools individually and in person. Good luck!


meglet77 January 7, 2012

People always respond to your type of question with Beaverton and Lake Oswego. First of all they are not in Portland. Those are suburbs of Portland. So, if you are looking for the suburbs, great... if not, do not pay any attention. Beaverton schools are massively over crowded... avoid those. Lake Oswego does have good schools if you want to live in an over priced yuppie suburb. Portland has excellent public schools. You just need to avoid a few areas, such as East portland, and some of north and NE Portland. Multnomah County is good and bad depending which neighborhoods you are looking at. A good rule of thumb, if it is a close-in neighborhood, chances are you will find a good school. However, these are also more expensive neighborhood to live in. Some of my favorite neighborhoods, and of course opinions vary on this, are:
Sellwood (this is where we live and my son attends Llewellyn Elementary)
Eastmoreland -- Duniway Elementary
Woodstock -- Woodstock and Lewis both good
Richmond -- depends, Abernathy great!, Creston ok
SW Portland -- Capitol Hill School is excellent
Mt. Tabor -- Atkinson

There are of course others these are the ones I am most familiar with.
Good luck!
I have a 3 and 5 year old too! (both boys)


crowelljackie January 12, 2012

We live in Portland (SW Portland) - not far from the zoo in a nice neighborhood ... we are in the Beaverton school district (although we live in Portland). So... it's not THAT simple... within our neighborhood - families are slotted for THREE elementary schools... TWO in Beaverton and ONE in Portland. All THREE are EXCELLENT schools. Check out Bridlemile (in SW Portland), Ridgewood (Beaverton School District but most kids live in SW Portland) and Raleigh Park (Beaverton School District but most kids live in SW Portland) . West Portland and East Portland are VERY different. Both have pros and cons. I would suggest seeing both "sides of the river" and getting a feel for the communities. :)

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