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Any excellent schools for Autistic children?


ligates94 December 12, 2011

Moving to the area and have two daughters with high functioning Autism.

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hana_flowerpdx January 18, 2012

I too have a high functioninig daughter with Autism. She's in the first grade and attends Russell Academy. We love it! The entire staff is thoughful and nurturing. The special education team is very supportive of my daughter and they work very hard to make sure that she fits in with the rest of the "typical" children. Our family has seen much improvement in her social and academic skills. Her speech and comprehension has blossomed.
The after school care teachers are also amazing. The lunch lady also loves and adores my daughter and it makes going to school for her a joy. We transferred from another school and the difference in the school, staff and my daughters progress is night and day. I highly recommend Russell Academy!

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