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how do i e-mail my sons teacher


dmiller September 15, 2008

how do i e-mail my sons teacher

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trumom December 4, 2008

so to the website and there should be tabs with each school. My kid goes to Mcbride and there is links to each teachers email on the site. I imagine it is the same for all st helens district schools. If not you could always call the school and ask the secretary. she should know...Good luck and good for you to be ionvolved with your kids education and teachers. Gotta keep em honest!


bettyjl December 22, 2009

Go to On left side, click on Personnel and Classroom Webpages/then under teacher's name, click on eBoard webpage. Click on the envelope located on the upper left corner. OR if you know the teacher's first name you can email them @

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