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Moving to Porland, OR area. Any schools for 6rd old with Learning Differences?


laguna6 October 23, 2009

Moving to Porland, OR area. Any schools for 6rd old with Learning Differences?

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healthy11 October 23, 2009

Hi. I'm not in OR, but my child also has some LDs. In order to better answer your question, can you share what your son's LDs are, and does he have an IEP? Are you looking for a public school or private? I generally recommend that parents contact a local support group for whatever condition their child has (ie, for ADHD, for reading/dyslexia issues, if they're on the spectrum, etc.) and network through those families to find out about the best schools and other resources in a new community.


laguna6 November 3, 2009

Hi, he has FAS (fetal alch syndr). He's bright, outgoing, affectionate, energetic and physically capable. Difficulties include Sensory Integ. Dysf., Central Auditory Processing Disord., easily frustrated, agression, AD/HD. 1st semester of public sch kindergarten was a disaster and we moved him to a wonderful LD school (Vanguard Prep, Dallas TX) rather than waiting around for the IEP process. We've initiated the IEP process again recently as a backup and would like to find a good fit for him in Portland, either public or private. He'll be 2nd grade / 7 yrs old at the time of our intended move. Have spoken with various schools there, LD schools seem to begin at 4th grade and don't include the younger grades. A new school for younger grades is set to open Aug '10 but there are unknowns with it as it's not currently operating/succeeding, doesn't yet have a location or funding to award fin aid, and w/tuition at $29K/yr we would not be able to attend w/o fin aid ea year. Each time I speak w/ a Portland LD school I ask for suggestions but have not had success in finding an LD sch for his age. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!


healthy11 November 3, 2009

As I said, I'm not from OR, but I do belong to the local CHADD chapter in my area, and I've found fellow parents to be an invaluable resource for information to learn about schools and other programs in my community. I would urge you to contact parent representatives in Portland to ask them what they'd advise.
For general questions, I also invite you to join Greatschools Learning and Attention Difficulties Group at

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