Health & Behavior

Are you raising a healthy child?

One in three American children is obese, eating disorders
are on the rise, and life expectancy for this generation of kids is lower than for their parents. Learn how to help your child develop a healthy body -- and body image -- to last a lifetime. More »

Emotional Well-Being

Teaching kids compassion

Compassion for others is one of the most important lessons you can teach your child.

Emotional Well-Being

Ignorance isn't bliss

Why you need to talk about drugs and alcohol

Emotional Well-Being

Be the best parent you can be

Forget trying to be the perfect parent and stick to your core values.

Emotional Well-Being

Talking about tragedy

How do you explain disaster to a young child?

Emotional Well-Being

Teaching kids to give

Your child isn't too young to learn to give to others.

Emotional Well-Being

Talking about learning difficulties

Talking to your teen about learning difficulties, and how they affect her life

Emotional Well-Being

Talking about 9/11

More than a decade after the tragedy, how should you talk about 9/11 with your child?

Emotional Well-Being

Sex, drugs, and your teen

Talking to your teen about the big issues

Academic Skills

How to catch a falling son

One mother's fight to save her child

Emotional Well-Being

Screen abuse by the numbers

Understanding today's "screenagers"

Emotional Well-Being

Is my son addicted to screens?

How much is too much -- and what you can do about it

Emotional Well-Being

The wilderness transformed my son

How nature straightened out a troubled teen

Social Skills

Challenge of romance for LD teens

Help your child safely navigate teen relationships

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