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By GreatSchools Staff

Questions and concerns

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Comments from readers

"Hi, My 5yr old daughter is suffering from social anxiety disorder.Not clear whether it is social anxiety disorder ot separation anxiety disorder. Though she is a chatter box at home she never opens her mouth at school.Her teacher told me that she sits quiet in the class,always stays away from other kids, never answers her questions, never plays with other kids though participates in the activities. She goes to school without a compliant but when shes me at her school, she cries holding my hand. She does this(cries holding me hand and won't put a step forward) way when i tried to join her in music class, skating class, play area.Because of this i didn't join her in any of the classes. She never goes out alone to play. More over when I tried asking her about her fears she simply diverted the topic. I feel very sad for her and worried about her socializing skills.Please help me in this regard. "
"My son stays with grandma when I work. He goes to schools skill class for 2 hours during the week and so far so good, this is a small group, only 7 children in the class. He does great in Sunday school which is also a small size class. He also goes to the little gym, but I have noticed that he pays very little attention to the instructors, he likes to be first in line when they make the train but does not like anyone touching him. He often times pushes other kids to get the instructors attention. He has a big class, so I'm moving him to a small size class. I've noticed he does better in small groups rather than large groups. He will have to adapt when he goes to public school, classes are always large, 18 kids per class. How can I help my child?"
"My son is very active, ok wild!, and has a problem staying still during rug time, or sitting at a table during lunch, etc.. He will be 3 years old in two months. Recently, his school went to the pumpkin patch, their first of a handful of 'field trips' this year. His teacher told me he kept running away from the group and wrestling with his buddies, also jumping over the pumpkins when asked not to. So, she said, he is not allowed to go on anymore field trips. While I understand the safety of the group, I felt that this was harsh...and, not to make excuses, but especially for his age group. She informed me that the days of the field trip, he'd need to stay home which means my husband our I would have to take off work. Is this 'normal' and acceptable or am I out of line here? As a former day care leader I felt that it wasn't but maybe I am not seeing things objectively?"
"My four-year-old son does not like school anymore. He loved daycare and preschool for the first year. Now, it seems he just does not like to do the work. He would rather watch others do the work. He is quite smart and can do it if he wants to. He refused to write words on paper, but said he would do it on his Doodle Board. Just to see if he could, I said okay because he was just scribbling on the paper. He took the Doodle Board pen in his hand and wrote the words as well as I would, explaining step by step how to write each letter and how to spell the words. Why is he behaving this way? Is it a discipline issue, an age/stage? or a learning method issue? Thanks"