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Ask the Experts about kindergartners

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

By GreatSchools Staff

Questions and concerns

How do I help a shy child?

How can I teach my talkative child when to be quiet?

What should I do with a disrespectful child?

How can I help my son stop hitting?

How do I build my child's confidence?

How can I help my left-handed child?

Help! My child won't listen

Should I move my child to a new classroom?

How can I help my child with homework?

Help! My child dislikes school

How can I get my child to share?

How can I motivate my child to do work?

My kindergartner already reads. Will she be bored?

How can I stop my daughter's emotional meltdowns?

My son copies his "cool," disruptive classmate

My 5-year-old's behavior is changing

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Is my kindergartner expected to read?

My kindergartner has separation anxiety

How do I help my child focus?

My child doesn't pay attention

My kindergartner reverses his letters

How can I stop my son's hitting?

How can I help my son learn the alphabet?

How do I instill confidence in my child?

My kindergartner hates doing homework

How can I teach my stubborn child?

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Help! My child lies

Comments from readers

"My child talks to much in class and dose not get her work done. I get talked to about it alot and I have no clue what to do. Can anyone help me"
" What should be done when 4-5 yr olds yell 'f!! you' to the teacher and other students? What if the principal condones the behavior, as does the parents? Should children like this be excluded from private christian schools?"
"My 5 yr old son just started Kindergarten this week. Since he started I have been to the Asst. Principals office, called by his teacher and now received another call today from the Asst. Principal because of his unacceptable behavior!! Today he punched 2 boys in the breakfast line. He told the Asst. Principal he did it because he was hungry and didn't want to wait in the long line. OMG!! Yesterday I went to the school to speak with my son and the Asst Principal because he tore off his name tag and threw it in the trash and literally walked OUT OF CLASS!! He also took a swing at the teacher!! The teacher also told me he is not listening or following directions in class!! My husband and I are not physical people, nor do we argue. I told the Asst. Principal that he is totally testing everyone at school to see what he can get by with. I am willing to do whatever possible to nip these problems at the bud!!! Any suggestions or recommendations?? PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!! "
"How can I help my 5 year old improve his hand writing. He is above advarge in everything but teachers can not understand his hand writing at times. What can we do to improve that? Please help."
"Hello great schools, I have a situation that I hope you can help me with I have read the other articles but there doesn't seem to be an article specific to my daughters unique problem. Summary: She is a very intellegent child in Kindergarten at medium demand charter school. She had seven months of straight pre-school, she's been in four different day cares and a nursery school as well as home-schooled. She has always been accademically challenged as well physically challenged. However her emotional needs have not always been met due a divorce and finacial crisis from my abusive husband who is also her father. I ssues: She has always been excited about learning and school, but she is not used to having so many demands and expectations placed on her all in one day or week.1. behave in school or lose a star.2. pay attention and do your home work in this allotted time.3. respect you classmaters or lose recess time.4.learn your letters, numbers, read, write, stay in the lines5. use a thing called a 'mouse' on the COMPUTER.6. Sit up properly.7. Be quiet during quiet time.8.ask to go to the bathroom.9. put your own clothes on in a timely fasion.10. learn to tie you shoes11. get your home work done by Wednesday and turn it in or lose recess time.12.Get your home work done again by Friday or lose a star.13. be ready to go when mommmy comes to pick you up!14. Stay awake even though you've been up since 6am and it is3:30p.m and you're used to taking two naps and sleeping twelve hours at night.15. Go with daddy and have fun even though it is homework time and nap time three times-week.16. list! en to and hear daddy sday evil and vulger things to daddy's adutlerous girlfriend when I am trying to still understand why you don't live with MOMMY!After all of these plus more issues i am thankful the little girl get out of bed at all in the morning. Observaton/complaint: Most of the time she starts her homework happily between 4and 6p.m However; by the time an hour has passed she is in tears and appears to have amnesia and dyslexia. I am getting very frustrated with this. I try to encourage her but that only helps for a moment it doesn't last. I than resort to punishment because I can't tell if she is exercising mind over matter to gain sympathy or if she's overloaded and having a melt-down. PLEASE HELP US! 911 "
"I have twin GrandAngels that just finished Kindergarten. One has excelled and the other one is struggling. One definitely passed to 1st grade and the other one is going to be sent to 1st grade only for 3 weeks to see how she does. If she's not where she needs to be they are sending her back to Kindergarten. We are getting her a tutor this summer, but we're still really concerned about her struggling. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and started medication about 6 months into the school year and she was already behind. Does anybody have any advice....please HELP!"
"On average, how many children are negatively impacted educationally or socially by the disruptive child? Somewhere I read that at least 5,7 children are impacted in the classroom by this child. Does that seem accurate to you?"
"My 6 year old started kindergarten this year. He has been in day care since he was 18 months old and we have always called daycare 'school' and the women in it 'teachers'. Now that he is in real school he doesn't seem to have any respect for his teacher. He is very disrespectful at times and tells her 'no' frequently. I am worried that he just doesn't understand that this is actual school not babysitters and he has to behave himself or there could be serious consequences. What can I do to make him understand that he cannot behave this way in school?"
"My sson is having issues with a bully. He has tried asking the bully to stop. he has told the bully to stop and he has told the teacher. And nothing is being done to may satisfaction (the teacher cannot see everything) What can you suggest I do to help solve the problem. My son is now afreaid to go to school."
"My daughter was just accepted into a lottery school. The one I have been hoping she would be lucky to get into. Now that she is in and will be starting kindergarten in the fall I am having second thoughts about her being in a school that has children in K-8. Is there a benefit to having schools that are k-5 or 6 vs K-8? "