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Ask the Experts about second-graders

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

By GreatSchools Staff

Questions and concerns

My child has trouble listening in class

Help! My child is always late to school

How do I help my child with forgetfulness?

My child is easily distracted

Help! My child makes careless mistakes

Help! My child is acting out

How do I help my child relate to others?

Help! My grandson sings in class

How can I help my impatient child?

Help! My child's friend acts too grown up

I can't afford a tutor for my special-needs child

Is my child too immature for second grade?

The teacher thinks my child needs medication

My second-grader works too slowly

My child gets frustrated and won't accept help

How do I help my daughter deal with mean girls?

Why can't my child do her homework on her own?

My child won't talk at school

Is it AD/HD? The teacher and doctor disagree

How can the teacher help my child with AD/HD?

My grandson is not working to his potential

Help my child cope with parental separation

How can I help my son focus?

My son blames everyone else

How can I help my son write neater?

How do I teach my child it's OK to lose?

How can I help my child with reading?

My child thinks her teacher doesn't like her

Does my child have too many extracurricular activities?

How can I help my second-grader work independently?

My daughter does not share or play well

How can I stop my child from exaggerating?

My child won't do his work

My second-grader won't follow directions

My daughter is being excluded

Comments from readers

"We just got the Wii and I am beginning to regret it. My second grader wants to play Starwars III all the time. It is hard to get him off it and he seems to think about it all the time. Am trying to find a way to get him off the Wii without a major fuss each time. Is that realistic or should I just take it away for good? "
"Hi!!! i have 7yr old boy who after telling so many ways to do his daily stuff like brushing,taking shower,eating breakfast etc; he seems not to understand. I have tried giivng him Stars for each work he finishes at the end of theday and rewared at the end of the week , but i cant see any difference (doing since 4weeks now). He speaks very rudely sometimes and dont care where and to whom is talking... i m going mad with him..since i have a 16month old boy and i do not want him to pick th ethings what his big brother is picking up from his freinds at school. How to stop him not to pick up the stuff from his freinds from school ??// "
"I have a 2nd grader that won't do class work. He would do some of the work, but then refuses to do the rest and would sit in class and not do it. He has a very active imagination it's always on the go. He knows the work and is doing well on his test. But he won't do the work. He rushes through the work he does and makes many mistakes, but when I go through with him at home he knows the work. I don't know what to do anymore with him.I've try taking things from him, punishing him,rewarding him if he does well that week. Then he goes to the same way agian. What can I do for him not to be left back. I'm worry for him."
"My second grade daughter is extremely bright, having been reading since the age of 3, is very emotional and seems to be having difficulty completing her assignments in school and forgetting homework assignments. She also tends to exhibit defiance when trying to assist her with homework or simply asking her to do things she may not want to do. At school the teacher indicated that she gets into altercations with other students over not walking fast enough or talking during times she shouldn't, which result in everyone being punished, so she's seems to not comprehend certain inappropriate activity. She becomes frustrated and overwhelmed very easily. Please advise if you have any suggestions."
"My second grader does very poorly on the majority of all exams and class work given to her in class. My daughter is able to do her homework on her own with no help from me, but when given a test or class work on the same material she does very poorly. I routinely check her homework for errors and I can proudly say that she knows what she’s doing. Her teacher is already telling us that if she continues doing poorly in school; she will have to repeat second grade! What can we do? Her teacher is aware that her reading is beyond grade level and that she is doing fine in all other subjects."
"I need help with my 7 year old daughter. Nothing makes her happy. Everything is a struggle. Getting her dressed, doing home work, listening and understanding what she is being told. When I talk to her to explain something she claims up and then gets mad and throws a fit. I have tried everything i can think of please give me some advice."
"I have a 7 year old daughter in second grade. I need some advice please. She is having a very hard time keeping friends. She is too bossy and frankly she can sometimes be mean. She is an only child and has had a nanny since she was 2. I have recently stopped working so that I can spend more time with her, supervise play dates, etc. but she is having trouble at school. When she first meets kids, she gets along with them very well. After a short time they soon realize she is too bossy and gets upset when they dont do what she wants them to do. She gets along very well with kids older than her and adults. Older kids and adults both say how sweet she is, how mature she it, etc. This is true and its nice but its not helping her at school. Her dad and I talk to her all the time about being nice, asking friends if they want to do something, not always being the boss, playing what her friends want to play first. When we talk to her, she listens. She gets sad and I know she unde! rstands. I just dont think she knows how to stop this behavior. Please any advice is welcome!!!!"
"My son is 7 years old, in the 2nd grade. He was diagnosed with ADD near the end of 1st grade, and has shown symptoms of it since he was about 2 1/2 years old. I have tried everything I can think of to try and help him with the issues he faces because of ADD. I have worked with his teachers, counselors, psychiatrists, his pediatrician, social workers, special-ed teachers, you name it. Nothing seems to get through to him. He is very disruptive in class, making loud noises, hitting other children, not doing his work, ect. He has multiple problems in school almost every day. The principal thinks I should send him to a special school in the next 2 weeks if the IEP we worked out together doesn't help him improve his behavior. The main problem is the hitting, and I have tried everything to stop it. I want him to go to a normal school, with his friends. I don't want him to go to a school where he will be around children who have serious mental handicaps. He is not slow, he is just ! aggressive and has ADD. If he is around other kids with serious mental handicaps, I fear the behavior will become worse. He is on medicine for ADD, but that doesn't seem to help with his aggression. Please help! I am desperate!"
"PLEASE HELP! This is my son's first year in this school as a second grader and he is being picked on by a number of classmates(mainly boys) but because he is easily provoked he gets into fights. He also doesn't listen at times and is constantly looking for something to do when he gets bored. I don't know what to do or where to begin getting help for him but I see things getting worse if I don't help him soon. Oh by the way punishing him doesn't work anymore"
"This is in response to the mom with a gifted child with bad handwriting...did you know that is a common trait among gifted children? Their minds move so fast that taking the time to write nicely is not in their capability. I know this because I have a daughter in 2nd grade who tests at an 8th grade reading level and her handwriting is atrocious! Google this...your childs teacher should know this, teaching gifted children!"
"My son is having trouble with a classmate. A girl being very agressive and provocing him to anger. She stirs the situation by making trouble and blaming him. She is a known agressor. Fellow classmates confirm her doing things that get Daxton in trouble. 1st grade teacher requested they not be in same class for the benefit of both. Not only did they end-up in the same class, but for the last month they have been seated at the same table. Naturally things have escalated. Tonight we recieved a letter from the district saying he has lost his interdistrict transfer and must find a new school by the 21st. HELP!!!"
"I am writing because while I have found several article very helpful, I have a problem that is raarely addresses. My son is in the gifted program at his school. He started second grade reading at a 5th grade level, he is ahead of his class in math, reading and seemingly all subjects. We are new to the school and they did not let him transfer into the gifted program (although he had been in it in AZ) until they conducted an I.Q. test. This was not done until Nov. He started the program in Jan and while he loves it the rest of his days at school ar such a bore to him. His handwriting is pretty bad, I feel his teacher is not working on it, however, a lot of assignment while are 100% are getting points deducted for handwriting. I feel she is looking for reason's to take points away. I have noticed he is also loosing points for not paying attention and he has started doodling on his clothes. I guess to sum it up, my question is How do I make sure my child is being challe! nged at school?"
"These are great articles. I noticed that you outlined what to expect first graders to expect in math. What about the second grade math. Also second grade reading. Thanks."
"I am raiseing three grandchildren ages 7,6,5. They all have ADHD. I have an IEP on each of them at there school. Teachers and councelors are working with them. They all have most of the problems listed above. By having everyone working togather: Teachers,theirapist,Doctors,and parents it all works out for the good. Go to your schools and ask for help. Its alot of work and won't go away but gets better. Betty"
"I have a third grader who is reading at an mid eighth grade level and a second grader who is reading at a mid-fifth grade level. They are both VERY excited to learn and to read. I have searched and searched online for something (anything!) I can do to keep them growing over the summer and over the next school year. They both get very bored with the curriculum at their current grade levels and I am really not sure what to do! Do you know of any programs I can look into or do you think I should start looking into an alternative type of school? Please help! Thank you :)"
"Thank you, for these articles. They are of great value to me as a single working parent. "
"My son is in 2nd grade now. The past 2 years the school is unreasonable about homework and expecting way too much out of such young children. The 'homework' factor keeps my child up way past his bedtime. The tests they give to find out what level the children are on is going a bit far at such a young age. Children need to have their childhood. The more extensive work should be for the high school level preparing for college. They are the ones that need to learn to study hard and balance the discipline of studies with real life. Not the young children who need to develop as a child. Texas schools need to lighten up!!!"