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Ask the Experts about third-graders

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

By GreatSchools Staff

Questions and concerns

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Comments from readers

"My 3rd grader is having trouble in school with language. He has been in trouble in the past 2 weeks for cursing. From what I have heard, he is not the only one. How do I get him to stop before he gets expelled?"
" At age three my daughter started a private christian school, their main focus was focused on academics. Unfortunately do to the economic hardship our family had during her first grade i put her in public school. She was tested prior to leaving her old school and scored in the second grade 6 month. I have had more than one meeting with the school principal and he says theirs no room my daughter is now going to the third grade and she is really bored in her class. She is starting the third grader and appreciate still not getting in the gate program. I would really appreciate if any one can point me in the right direction as to were i can take my daughter to be tested. I feel it is an injustice to not find a place were she is able to grow and be challenged. Thank You "
"my child finishes her work quickly and then she has nothing to do in class. she can read but does not enjoying sitting and reading for long. she is easily distracted but is doing very well in school. her teachers told the above and they suggested that she sits and reads and i know she wont do it for long. please help"
"i love it"
"Hi, My son has moved to a new school and is settling down. It has been a struggle for him in the beginning of every year as he has moved to new schools each year. He is a smart kid and was promoted from Kindergarden to First grade due to his academic performance. Now the current school he is in,the teacher was concerned that he is young for his age to study in third grade but now that no one can do anything about it,we thought things will be fine once he settles down. Now is has been 3 weeks since he has gone to school,he has got 3 F's in his Math tests and this is the first time this is happening. He is a very playful kid and very hyper too but has mellowed down in 2nd grade a bit because of his wonderful teacher. Now this third grade teacher is not happy with him,since she feels that he is acting like a 2nd grader and not being very independent like a third grader and lacks maturity.She says he asks too many questions when asked to do class work. Behaviour wise she does nto have any complains about him. I have requested a parents/teachers conference with the teacher but I am worried if the teacher has an attitude that he is very young to be in thrid grade how will it affect my son? Please let me know what I can do to help my son. Thanks, Concerned mom"
"why does it seem all the children books contain a girl as the main character. it is very difficult to get my son interested in books anyway and this doesn't make it any better. does anyone have some interesting books that contain a boy hero or subject?"
"Hola mi nombre es GLADYS, me atrevo a escribirles en espanol porque mi ingles es muy limitado tal vez podrian ayudarme o contestarme si fuera posible... mi hija tiene 8 anos y esta en 3 grado. a los dos meses de haber empezado el ano, me enviaron una carta de la escuela, diciendome que querian hablar conmigo...los motivos de la carta eran los siguientes.. ha fallado en casi todos los test, es desorganizada, no pone atencion y esta muy apretada en el tercer grado... me dijeron esto y que la profesora y yo hibamos a llenara unos test por separado haber que pasaba..los lllenamos y despues del mes segun los sicolos de la escuela de acuerdo alos tes llenados por separado..ella tenia casi un 100% de que tenia problemas de concentracion. en las reuniones de los anos anteriores me decian que era un poco elevada que se le olvidaban las cosas, que tenia que practicar mucho pero que ella era una nina que queria a todo el mundo que era brillante, o sea tal vez yo nunca supe ha! sta que punto podria llegar esto y tal vez ellos se confuendieron con ella porqu es luce super bien ella es feliz ansiosa, estusiasta disfruta cada cosa en la vida aplenitud pero ahora estoy hablando con los doctores y las citas en el hospital para analizara este tipo de problemas. es a 6 meses. estoy muy triste nesecito un consejo no se algo porfavor ...gracias por su ayuda y los felicito por todo lo que escriben aquie es super interesante. GRACIAS."