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Ask the Experts about high schoolers

Find answers to your questions about your high school student's academic concerns, school-related behavior and preparing for college.

By GreatSchools Staff

Questions and concerns

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What can I do to reinforce my freshman's self-esteem?

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Comments from readers

"my 17 yr old daughter is a jr in high school and she has always been a very good student making a and b and occasionally a c. the last couple of report cards have shown that she is making a f in two classes and i have talked to her about this letting her know this is not acceptable and she needs to do what she can to bring them up. i know she has in the past gone to her teachers and asked for help and gone to tutoring even. but it just seems that she does not care about the grades and she says she feels like she is going to fail the yr. i don't know what to do or to help her get through this and do better in her classes and for her to want to do better. i have tried to talk with her guidance counselor and so has my daughter. the counselor is the pitts. she is no help at all and a lot of other students and parents have complained about her as well. i don't know what to do, can you please advise me on how to help my daughter."
"I have a 15 year old daughter who refuses to go to school. She had a very traumatic experience of sexual abuse last year with a high school boy. She refuses to get counseling for this. She is becoming so defiant about school and the work and is missing so many days. We have taken her to counseling many times, she now refuses to go. Won't take her medication the psyc. put her on. She thinks that she can 'fix' this all by herself. She has been involved with so much girl drama and seems to thrive on it. We are at a lost. She is not doing drugs, drinking, etc. We need help! Any suggestions? We want to explore and try everything before we look into residential treatment. "