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Ask the Experts about middle-schoolers

Find answers to your questions about your middle-schooler's academic concerns and school-related behavior.

By GreatSchools Staff

Questions and concerns

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Comments from readers

"Recently my 13 year old son has had to deal with moving to N.M. with me. He was living in Dallas Texas with his dad, but he fell on financial hardship and was no longer able to care for him, so he sent him to me. He was only with his father for 8 months. I tried to accomidate him with everything such as stereo,MP3 player T.V. and DVD in his room just to try to make him comfortable in the transition he made over here. Well its been 4 months and he has been suspended twice! He is in the office more than the school secratary! Since then I have taken away everything, took away privialges such as going to movies, watching T.V.! I am involved with someone that I have been involved with for almost 5 years. So it's not a new thing he has had to get used to. I am constantly on the phone with the asst. principle (we are on a first name basis)I have grounded him so much that I feel he DOES NOT CARE! His stepfather does not disapline him or talk bad to him if anything he does more for my son than he does for his own daughter. I am looking into military schools because the look on the asst. principle's face today let me know she has had it. Instead of him getting better in time he is getting WORSE! Help I am sooo open for suggestions."
"Getting my middle schooler up for school is a nightmare. He has to catch the bus at 6:50. We start trying to get him up at 6:00. Some mornings he is o.k. but other mornings he gets the whole house upset as we plead and beg him to get out the door. He is a good student and a great kid with no disciplinary problems. His bedtime is at 10:00. Giving him an earlier bedtime has not helped...he can't fall asleep. He gets plenty of exercise so he should be tired. Any suggestions? "