How to raise a caring child

Nice kids finish first in school and life.


    This video offers three ways to encourage your young child to have empathy for others. Parents can teach compassion and kindness for others by encouraging children to talk about their emotions and asking them to try understanding someone else’s feelings. The video is most appropriate for parents of kids in first grade, second grade, and third grade.

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    Comments from readers

    "I'm trying to do that now with my two tikes. My daughter would be starting first grade soon and my son would be starting pre-k. This is a great video but I think other words like "bad boy or trouble maker" could of been used other than the typical word "thug". "
    "I didn't like way the video portrayed the black mother thinking her son would be a "thug!"and come on , does a black mother voice really sound like a white woman's voice? You could have used a different voice. But otherwise it was a good lesson. "
    "This video was too cute. And it offered a positive look at Black folks being parents. I was tickled to death and appreciative of this video. "
    "I so agree I'm going through it right now with my son everyday i need patients "