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School Attendance: Issues to Consider

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By GreatSchools Staff

How can schools increase their attendance rate?

According to the National Center for Student Engagement, schools are most effective in achieving high attendance rates when parents, school leaders and community members work together to focus on reducing absences and truancy, and keeping kids in schools. The center's Web site provides 10 tips for schools and communities to improve their attendance rates. Among them:

  • Make the school a place where parents and students feel welcome.
  • Forge a relationship with local law enforcement and make them allies in showing the community, family and students that school is the place to be.
  • Forge a relationship with local businesses so that they cooperate in encouraging students to go to school and not congregate at businesses during school hours.
  • Call parents - not an answering machine - when their children are not in school to let them know the school is concerned.
  • Talk to students about why they were gone and let them know they were missed.

What other factors should you consider when evaluating your school?

The attendance rate is just one factor to consider when sizing up your school. You'll want to look at the test scores, student-teacher ratio, Parent Reviews and other data that you can find on You'll also want to find out more about the school climate, quality of school leadership, parent involvement and other factors that aren't apparent from school data.

Questions Parents Should Ask

If you are concerned about the attendance rate at your school, here are some questions you might ask your principal and your school site council:

  • Does the school provide a welcoming atmosphere for students and parents?
  • Do students feel safe at school?
  • What actions does the school take to follow up on students who are absent?
  • Do teachers call parents when students are frequently absent?
  • Does the school know why students are absent? The school cannot address the problem if administrators don't understand the causes.
  • Has the school taken steps to forge a positive relationship with local law enforcement, business and community members to work together to encourage students to come to school?
  • Does the school reward students for good attendance?
  • What can parents do to help the school encourage all students to attend?

Comments from readers

"i disagree "
"Who is to say that school attendance is necessary to be successful in life? Student attendance decides what the school budget will be? What does the money matter when my school spends money on metal detectors and surveillance cameras instead of computers that aren't broken and slow. Or perhaps new class books that aren't out of date. Don't complain about the budget when the money doesn't even go to a educational cause. "
"Sad to say that education is not as important as it use to be to more and more parents. I have tried to say if any one that receives any kind of state assistance they should be held accountable if their children have any attendance issues. If a students misses too many days of school ( without something from a medical doctor) They should be docked out of the assistance they receive. Remember being a tax payer you are responsible for these students, if they do not have an education the cycle will continue and they will end up on state assistance. There is NO reason for children not to have an education today this is 2012! Thanks for letting me vent. "
"The entire article was perfectly suited for my research on school attendance and the information was exactly needed. Thank you. "
"The attendance that this article is referring to is voluntary attendance. It's when the student's parents instill in them that school is not important that this will lead to offending. It's the attitude that is taught that will create problems."
"If a student is absent due to an illness a doctors note is all you will need. A responsible parent will keep their child home until the child is well again. Sending a sick child to school not only effects your childs ability to get better but also put other children and the teachers in danger of getting sick. So it's best to keep your child home when he or she is sick and running a fever. A doctors note is give your child an excused absent. If you are worried your child may get hehind, just remember every parent has the right to meet with the teacher to get class work he or she may have missed thoughout the week. You as a parent can take the work home and work with your child in the comfort of your home. "
"I think that school attendance should be voluntary."
"What about students who are absent due to health issues? That is certainly beyond their control,and I somehow doubt it really effects their fellow peers.This does not mean for a fact they will be more prone to jail and crime either. I'am also tired of the school asking for so much money for everything,and most of it is for crap that doesn't even help the kids learn."
"I think every child should come to school for a better education and should learn more about there school and environment.They should be able to prticeapate in class work so they would be 1 of those people in the streeth layin on the sidewalk nor sleepin there.This is recastiontime and they want parents to pay for field trips but we can't be payin for it cause prizes are high and people is losin there job and we can not be able to pay for these things any my advis is that u guyz should cut the school time down now."
"What is the mobility rate?"