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How to handle a tough parent-teacher meeting

Six ways to make sure you and the teacher are working, and solving problems, together.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Take a breath

If the teacher focuses on issues your child is having at school, before responding, take a breath and simply listen. No parent likes to hear negative things about their child — whether it’s bad behavior in class or a possible learning problem (such as difficulty with reading, writing, or math).

If you feel like the teacher is criticizing your child — such as saying she interrupts or bullies other — it’s easy to get angry or defensive. Or if the problem is a learning disability, it can be overwhelming to find out that your child is struggling to keep up with others and may need extra help outside of class (there are a lot of special education terms and information to take in).

In what can be a very emotional moment, do your best not to let those feelings take over. Instead, be open to what the teacher is saying — and don't respond until you’ve gathered your thoughts.

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