Signs your child is being bullied

Is your kid getting picked on at school? You can make it stop.


    Kids won’t always speak up when they’re being bullied at school, so parents need to look for warning signs. This video teaches parents what to look for so that they can step in, talk to teachers, and teach their child how to respond to bullies. The video is most appropriate for parents of children in third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade.

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    Comments from readers

    "What about kindergarten? How can you tell if your 5 yr old is being bullied or if the 5 yr old is the bully? Can this be a matter of interpretation from the kids' perspective? I have seen kids with strong personalities who would not hurt a fly, but they also don't put up with being bullied or bossed around. Generally, these kids protect themselves vocally and physically, if necessary. As a parent, what can be done if you child is the one accused of being a bully when she was actually defending herself from another 5 yr old who initiated the bad behavior and told his mother a different story? "
    "I like the message of this video and the different options it gives. I don't like that it says bullies usually pick on "weaker" kids. I don't believe that children being picked on are weak rather than just not sure how to deal with such or person. "