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airkamd December 4, 2008

We continue to give even when the finances are not as available for extras.  We find ways to give and involve the children.  By being a part of giving ministries and helping others all year round.  I prepare meals for the sick and shut in when called upon, spread cheer at the Children's Hospital for Christmas, help with gift giving for families in crisis, helping other families with children with special needs and whatever we can do throughout the year we lend a hand to others.  What better way to teach; for our children and grandchildren see what making a difference in someone else's life really means.

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maggie93215 January 8, 2009

I think we(my husband and I) have taught our oldest boy to be a giving person. It was my son's birthday and we husband and kids were walking up to the movie theater and there was the Bell ringing salvation army guy and one of my sons friends had given him an envelop so of course my kid who had no patience opened it and said look I got money I said you should put it in your pocket or give it to me to hold. He opted to put it in his pocket the boys walked up ahead of us and as I got closer my son starts walking toward me and says here mom hold my money and I gave the man some of my money already. That was one of those moments that I was truly indeed very proud of my son, he donated from his heart and with his very own birthday money. I looked at my husband and said we are doing a good job!

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