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Please do not give.


odachimaster December 20, 2008

   Please do not give if you expect anything in return is my main theme to my children whether it be Christmas or All year long.

  When they were younger they gave the gift of themselves by going to nursing homes / retirement homes ones that the Living were not visited much by Family or had any Family and the kids would bring with them a pad and pen and sit and ask questions " what was your favorite Christmas " and ask them if they had any questions of themselves.

  We always have told them the most precious Gift of All is the word TIME I explained that when you want to spend Time with Mom she lights up inside and out as she knows those precious moments of Time she will never get back but those moments were the absolute best in her Life

   Our children have never suffered for anything and they have always seen us give to those less fortunate ( as my wife was brought up poor which they know some of it) and by seeing us give even when we are pretty tight and they do not always get what they want. They have told us I am glad you gave to these people we do not really need all this stuff and then look at you and say well maybe.................

  I do not know if this tells of teaching children the gift of giving but it brings back found memories. Our children are spread all over with one on the other side of the world she is 27 now and this will be Our second Christmas without her.

                We have to put one more thing in with two of the Children one Book stands out the most and they have never

  forgotten it and it is " The Giving Tree " they understood it as not a sacrifice but a Giving of unconditional Love.

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1seremen December 22, 2008

I agree! The main reason our family give to people who can not give us back or do not know us. We give to most people anonymously and in need and observe some of them celebrating the gifts. Some of them talk about this all year long without knowing who gave them the gift(s). It is very humbling.

Thanks for sharing!


Kommie January 28, 2009

I take pictures of local musicians in Tampa. They have little money, but I do it to support them and help build my
portfolio. This has shown me a great sense of community.

I expect nothing in return.

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