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Giving a little can go a LONG way...


frogger097 January 4, 2009

Since I don't have kids yet I have instilled "Gift of Giving" values into the kids I nannied for years..."Gift of Giving" values that my own parents taught to me!  As a child I remember walking around the neighborhood collecting money with my mom for the March of Dimes and it was a chance for us to get to know our neighbors but also give back to the community in large.  When I was old enough to start fundraising on my own I remembered back to the special times spent with my mom and it motivated me to help others.  When I started nannying I wanted to teach the kids the importance of giving back to others since they came from a very fortunate family.  Every Christmas they received SO many toys from their parents friends that most of them would go untouched forever.  Instead of keeping all of them I talked to the parents and we started donating them to a charity.  For every one present they kept they had to donate first the kids did not want to do it but showing them how many toys they had and telling them stories of other children with NO toys they didn't mind (too much).  When the youngest was old enough to understand I took them to a holiday party at our church. They all saw the children's faces after receiving one gift which wasn't very much but meant so much to the children that after that they wanted to give more of their own gifts as they knew that others would appreciate them more than they ever would as they had so many to choose from!  The eldest child is in college now and continues to donate his time and energy to charity organizations.  The youngest still gives his presents to others and I think that he actually has given the better gifts away in the past due to seeing how others feel about them.  It always feels great to give to others who are not maybe as fortunate!   

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