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Does anyone have a fun tradition for the kids for New Years eve and day?


caree16 December 30, 2008

I am looking for a cool kid friendly idea for New Years Eve.  How about New Years Day?

ENJOY BOTH and Have a great 2009!


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ibainlar December 30, 2008

I go to the bowling alley with my kids. Unlimited bowling, buffet diiner, and a shirley temple toast at midnight. Check your area. Different alleys have earlier time, like home by 9:30 and later times.


sissywilcox January 2, 2009

We usually collect children for New Years. We have a New Years Kids party. This way their parents can go out and do as they like without worry on where the children are.. We start out with English muffin pizza heading over to clean up w/ pj's on. We then go to a block party here at the house w/snacks, then head over to set the living room up to go to the movies. While they watch the movie we set up for camping out indoors ;) one by one they head off to sleeping. Oops forgot to we pick out a book for me to read or a few,one by one they drift off to sleep before I get 2 books read ;) They last till about 9pm. We started this when our children were little we have more fun then the parents with hang overs do :) The parents pick up the children by 11:00am we face the mess of clean up. Wouldn't change it for anything. except this year our little ones were to sick to do this. They shared with us first year that I can remember having 3 at a time sick then passed the flu to the rest of us. Now that I would trade :)


caree16 January 3, 2009

Thank You for the AWESOME idea. I think that would be so much fun! I would love to do this with my daughter and nieces and nephews. It would be really cool if I could do something fun that would be a great tradition rather than gifts. I am trying to start making MEMORIES rather than toys that will often to quickly become JUNK. This year I was going to take them to a Hockey game. This and a sleep over would be a great tradition. A very memorable time. Thanks for your tradition!


sissywilcox January 4, 2009

You are very welcome. I am glad to see you are starting your own tradition :) I hope you enjoy your new start. How did it go for you, If you don't mind my asking?


caree16 January 4, 2009

Oh, I didn't get a chance to get your E-mail untill after New Years. We are going to do the sleep over part next year with my nephews. MY DAUGHTER HAD A FRIEND SPEND THE NIGHT AFTER THE GAME. THE WORST THING ABOUT HAVING MY NEPHEWS IS DEALING WITH MY BROTHER. THAT KIND OF GUY. HOPEFULLY NEXT YEAR. I LOVE THE BOYS SO MUCH

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