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Behavior or Bullying?


quinhartman June 7, 2011

My son just finished up his 2nd grade and it was rough to say the least. Academically he did well; not excellent which I know he has it in him; he is an accelerated reader and has done well in science and math; his penmanship needs alot of help and he definitely needs to improve his spelling..

He begged and pleaded not to go to school on fun day and he wanted to wrap up 2 days before school was scheduled to be out...after a long conversation about how he feels about school...I need a plan...he felt the same way when he finished kindergarten..1st grade was wonderful yet here is another year of deflated and pessimistic outlook for another school calendar...I need a plan..anyone can help me direct my child to have the right tools for a great school year?...

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TeacherParent June 9, 2011

What does he say about why he doesn't like school? He does well and reads well - the children who tend to not like school are most often the children who really struggle in school.

What kind of a teacher did he have this year? The right teacher - or the wrong one- can make a huge difference in how a child feels about school. The best of teachers can almost woo a child into liking school - great teachers can make the school day both filled with learning and some fun too.

What do you know about next year's teachers? If there's one who has a reputation for being loved by the kids and running a great classroom try to have your son put in her class. Past that, it would help to know more about what your son says about school - is he being bullied? If he had a tough teacher this year, you can always tells him next year is another year and that you're working on getting him placed in Miss Wonderful's class.

Children become better spellers as they get older and a 'gripper' on his pencil or a pencil with a thick barrel can sometimes help a child's handwriting a lot.


kskksk June 10, 2011

This sounds like something quite specific and therefore, probably something that can be address rather quickly. Normally, if school was still going, I would ask the teacher to make notes or a checklist about your son's school day. Maybe he/she could note what time his behavior or mood is not great. Often, unstructured time like recess or lunch is when students get into uncomfortable situations with peers. Immature students often need more structured time. I noticed one of my students, who had a very explosive temperment, would always come in after lunch in a terrible mood. I observed him on the playground and quickly found out a boy was needling him and trying to get him to get into trouble. They knew they could set him off so he would play alone. What a drag for him! Well we stopped that quickly!

I would guess your son is avoiding some person or situation that is quite specific. Otherwise, he would probably just tough it out for the last two days of school. My own son hated school and switching classrooms was the ticket. The teacher was good but the class was large and my son was too immature to handle the freedom of the less structured time with peers.


quinhartman August 24, 2011

just a followup for the 2 mommies that responded to my post...I contact the district office and was absolutely honest about every aspect. As a huge advocate for children, including mine...I laid it all out for them...including taking responsibility for our own inadequate behaviors...the district office arrange for a parent/district personnel conference, face to face time...

I know first impressions are important so I dressed like I was interviewing for a job...and in that one hour face to face...he realized I was a helicopter mom and knew I wanted the best for my son...he arranged for him to attend a different school...which he and I both knew is not the ultimate in solutions...but he had faith that I would gear up my son with all he needed to have a better year...I intend to take my son to therapy for his behavior..just in case its an issue but his PED feels that he is a normal average boy in need to break out and make friends...his awkwardness will eventually find its own rythm.

I signed him up for Swim Team and Tae Kwon Do for team building and confidence one on one...during drills...I am incessant and I will build an awesome man out of him yet..with GOD's hand on our shoulders...Best to both of you..momma's and teachers alike...never give are building citizens and they need every tool to survive the previous generations and rise to any occasion.

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