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Bathroom privileges


gbalzano October 9, 2011

My child goes to private school, due to health issues he needs to use the bathroom more frequently then the other students in his class. The teacher refuses to " give him permission" to use the bathroom when he asks, can a teacher control a child's bodily functions by deciding when it is the " right time" to go for the child?
Is this legal?

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MagnetMom October 10, 2011

Hi gbalzano,

In normal children, by a certain age, students can plan to use the restroom before school, at recess, at lunch, and after school. In an emergency, most teachers will allow students to use the bathroom at other times, but it is a disruption, and worse, it can become playtime for students who want a five minute break from class. This is clearly not the case for your son.

Because your son has medical issues, get a note from the doctor and take the teacher out of the equation.

Good luck.


TeacherParent October 10, 2011

That website discusses this issue and writes about two court cases where school districts were sued for denying a child the use of the bathroom. Every good school should have a policy about this rather than just let it up to the individual teachers. Call your son's school, call the principal and/or the guidance counselor and go in with copies of your son's medical records to demonstrate his need.
You might get some information and advice from that website. Good luck.


BUCKRULES January 23, 2012

Hi gbalzano,
Because your son has a medical issue that causes him to use the bathrooom frequently ask your doctor to write a note demonstrating his need to use the bathroom every _ number of hours.Give a copy of it to the nurse for his records.


gbalzano January 24, 2012

The problem has been resolved. I removed my child from the whole situation. No teacher is going to have control over my child's right to the bathroom or getting a drink of water. This form of control is abusive and unhealthy.


supermom75 January 30, 2012

I understand just what you are going through. I had the same problem so I decided to go to his doctor and have the doctor write a note asking that he is given some consideration under the circumstances until something else can be done. I understand why rules are in place but for the life of me why make a young child hold from going to the bathroom is beyond me. I still have the issue with not allowing them to get water while at school. To me this entire situation is not only wrong but abusive. All schools are thinking are one thing, test scores!


Blkfdlead February 6, 2012

Every child has the right to utilize the restroom as needed. I think "supermom" hit the "nail on the head" when she worked hand in hand with the school to create what is called a health plan.

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