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social skills for my 3 yr old son


karoll December 2, 2011

Dear Parents,
I am concerned about my 3 yr old son, whom lacks social skills. I don't know how to help him. He is an only child and has attended day care since he was 18 mo. However, for the better part he wants nothing to do with children. His interaction with adults is really good. Any suggestions?....... Thank u so much!

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BUCKRULES January 23, 2012

Have your son evaulated for langune delays.He might quilfy for speech therpey


arlayeea December 19, 2011

when my sons was 3 he also did not participate much and had delayed speech. He always wanted to point at things and say ugh ugh when he wanted it but understood and did everything I ask of him. His pediatrician recommended him to a speech therapist and 7 months later my sons teacher told me she was shocked to hear him point and say ball. Since then I have not been able to get him to shut up LOL. I do notice that when he is excited he stutters so I am looking to get him to go back to speech therapy. My son is now about to turn 5. Since he is in pre-k I just recieved his progress report for the end of the semester and his teacher stated he also would like to stand off to the side instead of participate with some things. I think that this may be because he is an only child. I have no clue the exact reason why he is does not interact just know you are not dealing with this alone. I do speak with him every day before and after school letting him know it is okay to make new friends at the new school.


TeacherParent December 7, 2011

If your son has delayed speech, he might well qualify to receive some testing and intervention - either your pediatrician or your son's daycare should be able to help you with that. The Intermediate Unit for your public school district and their Director of Special Education could possibly help the most in directing you to what services would be available to you. My own son had delayed speech and received speech and language therapy through the Intermediate Unit.


karoll December 6, 2011

Thank you for your helpful reply! His teachers say he doesn't partcipate much, and wants to do things "alone". He enjoys his music class, but always sits next to his teacher and doesn't like the "group" thing. I don't know how much the teachers are helping, but I don't feel too comfortable with them.

His speech for a three year old I would consider delayed. He is making progress, but likes to point to things instead of saying what he wants. What you mention about some children finding it easier to interact with adults because we are predictable and dependable, I definitely agree with that, since that is what I perceive from him. Thank you so much for you insight! It truly helped.


TeacherParent December 3, 2011

There's some information that would be helpful to know. What do his teachers at his daycare say? What happens when they encourage him to interact with his classmates. His preschool should be playing a role in helping him to learn social skills. Does he enjoy school at all?

And when he interacts with adults, how are his social skills? How are his overall language skills?

There are a few children whose language skills are so advanced that they find it difficult to play with other children and prefer to interact with adults. Sometimes children who truly lack social skills simply find it easier to interact with adults as adults are far more predictable and dependable.

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