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headlice in satilla school.


donniegriffin February 21, 2012

I have 6 children. Three of my children go to satilla elementary school in douglas Ga. my Girls have been sent home for headlice several times. i have treated all 6 each time the three where sent home. i have even had them checked at there doctors on 2 difforent occasions
both times the doc only found the lice in the three that go to satilla elementary .
the other 3 never have it. me and my wife also never get it . therefore it has to be comming from the SCHOOL!!! I have spoken personaly with the nurse and with mr gillis and was told that things would be done that i know for a fact havent been done. it cost me around $100 each time i have to traet my house and my children for lice. THIS PROBLEM NEEDS TO BE FIXD AT THE SORCE!!!! If it is comming from the school then please TREAT THE SCHOOL!!!!!! thank yo for your help in this matter.

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MagnetMom February 22, 2012

Hi donniegriffin,

Head lice are very tough to eradicate. As you've found, even treating your kids at home won't work if they are coming in contact with someone at school who has them, or if you don't follow up religiously until the last of the nits are removed and there are no more live critters.

The problem is, it's not the school that is the problem--lice live a very short time off the human head. You need to do what you can to keep the kids from sharing brushes and combs (at home and at school), you need to keep their hair braided or bound in some way so it's not easy for the lice to hitch a ride, and most importantly, the kids can't come in contact with other kids' heads. This is a problem for young girls--who tend to play very close together.

There are some great tips here: and

The good news is lice are neither a disease nor very dangerous. Essentially having lice is just a royal inconvenience.

If you feel the school is not doing enough, share those websites with the teachers and principal. In addition, there's a great episode of Dirty Jobs called "The Hair Fairy" that helps eliminate the stigma of lice.

Good luck, and hopefully this time you can get to the bottom of it.

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