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Bright ideas: Winter fitness tips

Stay active this winter with our readers' suggestions for getting in shape.

By GreatSchools Staff

Thanks to the many readers who shared their tips for keeping families active when it's cold and wet outside.

Here are a few of their suggestions:

Fun games

Dance competition

A mother of two writes, "We live in Minnesota — needless to say, sometimes getting outside for exercise just isn't easy. So instead, we have a great time dancing to music. We turn up the volume, put on some dancing clothes, and let the fun begin! We even take turns making up crazy new dance moves."

Mommy Monster

"Another game we play is Mommy Monster. The children cover their eyes, and I go hide. They have to come and find me, somewhere in the house. When they find me, I make monster noises and chase them back to the safe spot. Up and down the steps! It gives you a good workout."

Winter sports

Figure skating

"It's fun and a great way to burn calories," suggests a mother of a teen. "My daughter is developing skills that go way beyond just staying fit."

Indoor swimming

A father suggests stopping by the local high school to swim. "It's cheap and fun for the whole family!"

Comments from readers

"The two things our family enjoys doing together is playing Dance Dance Revolution (Playstation game) and make it a competition to see who gets the better grade and to take turns and do 5 to 10 minutes on the elliptical machine. we do this until everyone has done about 20 to 30 minutes each. The kids think my elliptical is a toy. Even my son is is going to be 4 in March loves to exercise on it. "