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Recipes from moms who won't stop at "ew"

Parents of picky eaters know getting vegetables into kids' mouths can require the negotiation skills of a SWAT team. But no one enjoys wrangling at the dinner table, even when he or she really wants to instill a love of wholesome foods. We asked the moms of some especially finicky kids to help by sharing their time-tested, stealthy tips and recipes.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Good-for-you garnish

“My kids love toasted wheat germ sprinkled on their ice cream. I know ice cream is not a health food, but when they have it as a treat, they might as well get a touch of something healthy along with it. I was laughing last night when they were arguing about who got extra wheat germ on the ice cream [because] they have no idea it's good for them. Flaxseed is another power food that's easy to add to everything, including smoothies, oatmeal, and yogurt.”

— Naomi

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Comments from readers

"Honestly, that does not look very appetising - don't think many kids will drink that. In fact , it looks like slime! Sorry! There are many more drinks you can make that have a lovely colour and are more pleasing to the eye. Also, what about ice lollies? You can food process fruit and salads and make them into attractive ice lollies for the kids. "
"i love this idea for a healthy snack! i will try it and let everone know how my kids like it. :) Again great IDEA! "
"Yumm sounds good to me, humm wonder if I can use the new V8 Splash,,,,fruit & veggies, "
"we've lucked out with two of three eating nearly every fruit and veggie available. the picky child requires multi exposure with fingers crossed. some veggie kids will eat raw better esp in salad. puree veggies always a bonus as add nutrients. our main problem is getting kids to return to biting apples since lost those front teeth - even with new teeth in they still insist can't bite. we enjoy doing veggie tasting trays with multi choices and kids try one bite of each raw, cooked, to decipher their taste preferences."
"Some of these ideas are really not so great. The drinkable salad, is only as good as any fresh fruit juice. With all the fiber removed, the body will not recognize the calories consumed and continue to want to eat until it feels fiber full and nutrient full. Put those things in a blender instead of the juicer and you've got a winner!"
"You can puree cooked squash or carrots to mix into macaroni and cheese. I smash cooked cauliflower into mashed potatoes. There are lots of ways to do it!"
"That sounds great for fruit but I also have the ew to vegetable problem any 'sneaky' suggestions ?"
"I agree, If you can puree it, you can hide it!"
"My son has food allergies and is picky to boot. So we tend to stick with similar foods. Now I can add some more veggies to our 'repertoire'.;-) These are wonderful ideas...I love them ALL!! "
"Pureeing veggies is the only way I can sneak it in my kids meals. My boys age 6 and 3 love spagetti so I'll make a simple homemade tomato sauce and to it I'll add pureed carrots, zucchini and mushrooms. Then I'll top the spagetti with a springle of parmesan cheese and know that on this day, they ate well. "
"Hard to have as a snack at school - but, sounds like a yummy idea when the weather warms up!"