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Whether your kids are budding Bill McKibbens or eco-novices, adopting Earth-friendly practices at home is an easy way to spend quality time together while fostering environmental awareness. And in some cases, going green can save your family green by reducing household expenses. Check out these lifestyle tips with your children (and the planet) in mind.

By Karina Kinik

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Plant a seed

Last spring Michelle Obama and local schoolchildren broke ground on an "organic" White House garden — which, it turns out, isn't truly organic because sludge-based fertilizer was used during previous administrations — as part of a healthy eating campaign. Follow the first lady's lead and plant an edible garden in your own backyard: Your kids will develop a deeper appreciation of where their food comes from and may even learn to love broccoli. If you live in an apartment building or don't have a yard, grow herbs and vegetables indoors or join a community garden. For more resources, check out and the American Community Gardening Association's website.

Karina Kinik is an associate editor for GreatSchools.