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Whether your kids are budding Bill McKibbens or eco-novices, adopting Earth-friendly practices at home is an easy way to spend quality time together while fostering environmental awareness. And in some cases, going green can save your family green by reducing household expenses. Check out these lifestyle tips with your children (and the planet) in mind.

By Karina Kinik

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Earthworms in soil

Do the rot thing

Mealtimes are a chance to provide nutritious food not only for your family but also your yard or garden. Instead of tossing veggie peels, eggshells, and coffee grounds in the trash, have your children put them an indoor or outdoor compost bin, which when properly maintained produces nutrient-rich and (even more important) odorless fertilizer. Learn what's safe to compost and how to make your own bin at the EPA's composting guide and You Grow Girl. Do your kids love creepy-crawlies? Try vermicomposting, in which hungry worms accelerate the fertilizing process, and let them feed the red wrigglers.

Photo credit: looseends

Karina Kinik is an associate editor for GreatSchools.