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7 secrets of highly successful school lunches

Stuck in a school lunch rut? Try these seven easy secrets to school lunch success.

By Sarah Henry

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Beat the lunch box blues

Do you dread opening your child's lunch box at the end of the day? All that hard work, only to find soggy, half-eaten sandwiches, limp and faded carrot sticks, battered yellow apple slices. It's no wonder parents look forward to the end of the school year. No more lunches to pack…until school rolls around again.

To help you escape the lunch-time rut, we turned to J.M. Hirsch, national food editor for the Associated Press, who blogs about packing school lunch for his son, Parker, at Lunch Box Blues. Hirsch, who shares his school lunch secrets on The Martha Stewart Show, has so successfully managed to fill his 7-year-old son’s lunch box with enticing options that it’s caught the attention of his elementary school classmates.  "My son has become a de facto leader in his lunch room,” says Hirsch. “His friends — and their parents — look to his lunches for inspiration."

Make this semester one your child will remember — and savor — with these seven secrets to school lunch success.

Happy packing!

Sarah Henry is a Bay Area-based freelance food writer and the voice behind the blog Lettuce Eat Kale.