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School lunches from around the world

Looking for new ideas for your child’s lunch? Take a spin around the globe for inspiration.

By Sarah Henry

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Think globally

Jazz up your child's lunch by thinking outside lunch box staples and choosing foods from different parts of the world instead. The essential building blocks of these dishes — rice, beans, noodles, and chicken — can be prepared ahead (and served for dinner the night before) then transformed into wraps, rolls, flatbreads, soups, or salads for lunch.

In the guide, Cooking with California Food in K-12 Schools, veteran chef and cookbook author Georgeanne Brennan teamed up with Ann M. Evans to create recipes based on six popular dishes (soup, salad, pasta, rice bowls, wraps, and pizza), combined with flavors from six world regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and India). The downloadable guide, says Brennan, "offers ideas for adding fresh, local, healthy foods with a global focus to school lunch.”

Sarah Henry is a Bay Area-based freelance food writer and the voice behind the blog Lettuce Eat Kale.

Comments from readers

"Please tell me what school-aged child is going to bring salads & multi course lunches to school? It's a nice idea, but not very practical. My son doesn't have the option for hot lunch, nor is he allowed to bring any reusable containers. They want the kids to be able to eat & get some time outside without having to be accountable for lunchboxes. :( "
"That's a lot of processed flour and a lot of gluten. Not much fresh healthy food! "