Talking to your young child about college

It's never too soon to start talking about college and how it can help your child.


    Kids are never too young to start thinking about going to college. This video offers valuable advice about why parents should discuss college with their young children. Talking about the college degree that certain careers require can help kids get excited about college and see it as part of their future. The video is most appropriate for parents of kids in first grade, second grade, and third grade.

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    Comments from readers

    "I found this very sad. There is absolutely an age that is too young to talk to kids about college. Fanning young children's inherent natural curiosity is much more important -- for their sense of well being, but also for their eventual college track process, as well -- than burdening them with strategic thinking early on. This kid does not need to be thinking about 2025 right now. I'm somewhat disheartened to see Great Schools post this piece. "