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Just four things

The busy parent's guide to easier living.

By Leslie Crawford

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"I'm so busy!"

Ever heard that before? Maybe even from your own mouth? No wonder this is the perennial parents' lament. Is there a way to do it all — be a great parent, stay involved in your child's school, make healthy meals, get your own work done — and find time to enjoy your life and family?

It's a lofty mission, but we're game. Welcome to our new monthly installment, "Just Four Things." To make your life just a little bit easier, our editorial staff has sifted through the wealth of information out there to provide you with our favorite and highly selective tips: Try this (time-saving tips), Teach this (lessons to teach your child), Live this (parenting wisdom to live by), and Get this (the best products and services to make a parent's life easier).

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is a senior editor at GreatSchools.

Comments from readers

"this great,but ask my two daughters fear maths to death,but their average performent is good in class."
"Great Tips; mostly common sense but some innovative ideas as well. Parenting is our most challenging 'job'. Thanks for making it a little easier."
"Love this new feature! Quick to read and easy to apply! As a professional organizer, these are the kind of tips that parents need to help our kids grow into thriving adults! Thank you!"
"any advice for starting an older child doing more chores, the research article indicates starting later is not helpful. "
"Thank you for this article. I loved it, particularly your segment on volunteering. This is my first kindergarten-er and I was absolutely overwhelmed at the volunteer opportunities. I sincerely appreciate your advice. I will look forward to this newsletter every month. "
"Great idea to use Amazon!"
"This is exactly what I needed. :)"