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Summertime social for tykes

Top tips on helping little ones learn how to recognize and be a good friend.

By GreatSchools Staff

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What's a friend anyway?

Don’t assume your children know what being a good friend entails. Talk about taking turns, sharing, and showing an interest in others and how these actions will make peers and classmates feel good and want to spend time with them. Ask your kids how they feel when someone doesn’t share with them or makes them feel left out. By explaining how other children feel the same way, this will help them develop empathy.

Comments from readers

"On vacation time kids and specially teens expect to do the things they never did before.It´s here the right moment to be part of their leisure time by planning family visits or camp outings which involve parents or relatives. Teens are always ready to make friends without preventing any risk. Parents ´ll be always ready to give some advise in case they get to know new friends. "