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Summertime social for teens

Top tips on helping tweens and teens develop social skills.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Talk it out

Don’t assume too much. This is all new territory to your children, so talk openly and honestly about how friendships change during this time, and let them ask questions. Remind them of what makes a good friend (a true friend won’t force them to do things that make them uncomfortable, for instance) and what their role is as a friend.

If they start talking about a new acquaintance, don’t be judgmental. Listen to what they say about the friend and ask what attracts them to this person. At this age if there’s a particular friend who makes you uncomfortable, you should still withhold criticism, because that may make the person even more attractive. Continue to point out the qualities that make a good friend.

Comments from readers

"Informative post with helpful tips to deal with teen friendship skills. I agree with you by asking the questions on choosing a best friend, that help us to find more information on the strategy followed by teens to choose their friends. We can share our opinions on the criteria also. As this is one of the most important things to deal with a teenager, it should be deal accordingly, otherwise we may experience some new types of problems with teenagers"